BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
spw/stdMerge tag 'v0.37.1' into spw/stdSean Whitton18 months
v0.34.0grml-live-0.34.0.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.33.6grml-live-0.33.6.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.33.5grml-live-0.33.5.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.33.4grml-live-0.33.4.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.33.3grml-live-0.33.3.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.33.2grml-live-0.33.2.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.33.1grml-live-0.33.1.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.33.0grml-live-0.33.0.tar.gz  Michael Prokop3 years
v0.32.3grml-live-0.32.3.tar.gz  Michael Prokop4 years
v0.32.2grml-live-0.32.2.tar.gz  Michael Prokop4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-09Merge tag 'v0.37.1' into spw/stdspw/stdSean Whitton
2020-12-08add 2FA packagesSean Whitton
2020-08-25Release new version 0.37.1Michael Prokop
2020-08-25Update lintian-overrides for new EFI boot filesMichael Prokop
2020-08-12Add bsdmainutils to DEBORPHAN whitelistMichael Prokop
2020-08-12Secure Boot: update grubx64.efi.signed to fix BootHole issueMichael Prokop
2020-08-02SW: add mmdebstrap to GRML_FULL + GRML_SMALLMichael Prokop
2020-07-18Release new version 0.37.0Michael Prokop
2020-07-18/e/n/i: move sourcing of /etc/network/interfaces.d/ to begin of fileMichael Prokop
2020-07-18SW: add grub-efi-amd64-signed + shim-signed to GRML_FULL (AMD64 only)Michael Prokop