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+Submitting patches
+Thank you for your interest in contributing to this project!
+Please **do not** submit a pull request on GitHub. The repository
+there is an automated mirror, and I don't develop using GitHub's
+Project mailing lists
+There are two low-volume project mailing lists, shared with some other
+small free software projects:
+- sgo-software-announce --
+ <>
+ For release announcements.
+- sgo-software-discuss --
+ <>
+ For bug reports, posting patches, user questions and discussion.
+Please prepend ``[mailscripts]`` to the subject line of your e-mail,
+and for patches, pass ``--subject-prefix="PATCH mailscripts"`` to
+Posting to sgo-software-discuss
+If you're not subscribed to the list, your posting will be held for
+moderation; please be patient.
+Whether or not you're subscribed, has
+aggressive antispam. If your messages aren't getting through, we can
+easily add a bypass on chiark; please contact <>.
+If you don't want to deal with the mailing list and just want to send
+patches, you should feel free to pass ````
+to git-send-email(1).
+Alternatively, publish a git branch somewhere publically accessible (a
+GitHub fork is fine) and write to me asking me to merge it. I may
+convert your branch back into patches when sending you feedback :)
+Reporting bugs
+Please read "How to Report Bugs Effectively" to ensure your bug report
+constitutes a useful contribution to the project:
Signing off your commits