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email-print-mime-structure: add decryption capability
Add simple decryption capability for email-print-mime-structure, so that it can do stuff like this: $ email-print-mime-structure --pgpkey alice@openpgp.example.sec.asc < msg.eml └┬╴multipart/encrypted 2190 bytes ├─╴application/pgp-encrypted 11 bytes └─╴application/octet-stream 1613 bytes ↧ (decrypts to) └─╴text/plain 425 bytes $ At the moment, it only works with keys that can be found in the filesystem, and when the pgpy module is installed. Possible future work: - try using gpg to do the decryption from whatever gpg's system capabilities are I've added python3-pgpy to the list of Recommends, since it is not a hard dependency. Signed-off-by: Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>
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+=item B<--pgpkey=>I<KEYFILE>
+I<KEYFILE> should name an OpenPGP transferable secret key that is not
+password-protected. If a PGP/MIME-encrypted message is found on
+standard input, this key will be tried for decryption. May be used
+multiple times if you want to try decrypting with more than one secret
=item B<--help>, B<-h>
Show usage instructions.