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new script: mbox2maildir
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+=head1 NAME
+mbox2maildir - convert an mbox to a maildir using Python's libraries
+=head1 SYNOPSYS
+ mbox2maildir MBOX MAILDIR
+B<mbox2maildir> is a very simple wrapper around Python's mailbox
+library that converts an mbox to a maildir. The maildir may already
+exist, in which case the messages in the mbox are added to the
+B<mbox2maildir> is an alternative to the venerable B<mb2md>, which
+fails to process some mboxes that are out there.
+=head1 OPTIONS
+=head1 BUGS
+Hopefully different bugs to those of B<mb2md>.
+=head1 SEE ALSO
+mb2md(1), mbox(5), maildir(5)
+=head1 AUTHOR
+B<mbox2maildir> was written by Sean Whitton
+<>. The suggestion of using the Python
+mailbox library for this purpose is due to Daniel Kahn Gillmor.