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build and install a manpage for mdmv
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+=head1 NAME
+mdmv - safely move messages between maildirs
+=head1 SYNOPSYS
+ mdmv MSG [MSG..] DEST
+B<mdmv> moves one or more messages, from one or more maildirs, to a
+single destination maildir. It does this in a way that should not
+confuse maildir synchronisation tools.
+B<mdmv> tries to be sure not to overwrite any existing files, but it
+does not try as hard to "deliver" the mail to the destination maildir
+as a real MDA would, giving up rather earlier. Thus, B<mdmv> is
+intended to be used by scripts running on the same host upon which the
+maildirs are actually stored.
+=head1 OPTIONS
+=head1 SEE ALSO
+=head1 AUTHOR
+B<mdmv> was written by Sean Whitton <>.