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+=head1 NAME
+imap-dl -- a simple replacement for a minimalist user of getmail
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+B<imap-dl> [B<-v>|B<--verbose>] B<configfile>...
+If you use getmail to reach an IMAP server as though it were POP
+(retrieving from the server, storing it in a maildir and optionally
+deleting), you can point this script to the getmail config and it
+should do the same thing.
+It tries to ensure that the configuration file is of the expected
+type, and otherwise it will terminate with an error. It should not
+lose e-mail messages.
+If there's any interest in supporting other similarly simple use cases
+for getmail, patches are welcome.
+=head1 OPTIONS
+B<-v> or B<--verbose> causes B<imap-dl> to print more details
+about what it is doing.
+In addition to parts of the standard B<getmail> configuration,
+B<imap-dl> supports the following keywords in the config file:
+B<options.on_size_mismatch> can be set to B<error>, B<none>, or
+B<warn>. This governs what to do when the remote IMAP server claims a
+different size in the message summary list than the actual message
+retrieval (default: B<error>).
+If you've never used getmail, you can make the simplest possible
+config file like so:
+=over 4
+ [retriever]
+ server =
+ username = foo
+ password = sekr1t!
+ [destination]
+ path = /home/foo/Maildir
+ [options]
+ delete = True
+B<imap-dl> is currently deliberately minimal. It is designed to be
+used by someone who treats their IMAP mailbox like a POP server.
+It works with IMAP-over-TLS only, and it just fetches all messages
+from the default IMAP folder. It does not support all the various
+features of getmail.
+B<imap-dl> is deliberately implemented in a modern version of python3,
+and tries to use just the standard library. It will not be backported
+to python2.
+B<imap-dl> uses imaplib, which means that it does synchronous calls to
+the imap server. A more clever implementation would use asynchronous
+python to avoid latency/roundtrips.
+B<imap-dl> does not know how to wait and listen for new mail using
+IMAP IDLE. This would be a nice additional feature.
+B<imap-dl> does not yet know how to deliver to an MDA (or to
+B<notmuch-insert>). This would be a nice thing to be able to do.
+=head1 SEE ALSO
+=head1 AUTHOR
+B<imap-dl> and this manpage were written by Daniel Kahn Gillmor,
+inspired by some functionality from the getmail project.