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* mailscripts.el: add missing Package-RequiresSean Whitton2018-09-23
* changelog: entry for -2 Debian uploaddebian/0.2-2archive/debian/0.2-2Sean Whitton2018-08-02
* finalise release 0.2, Debian revision -1debian/0.2-1archive/debian/0.2-10.2Sean Whitton2018-07-26
* debian: update description to include notmuch-extract-patchSean Whitton2018-07-26
* changelogSean Whitton2018-07-26
* debian: install notmuch-extract-patchSean Whitton2018-07-26
* debian: account for notmuch-extract-patch/ in debian/copyrightSean Whitton2018-07-26
* add notmuch-extract-patch(1)Sean Whitton2018-07-26
* release 0.1 (0.1-1 to Debian experimental)debian/0.1-1archive/debian/0.1-10.1Sean Whitton2018-07-24
* wrap-and-sort -abstSean Whitton2018-07-24
* debian: use the perl:Depends substvarSean Whitton2018-07-24
* debian: new elpa-mailscripts binary packageSean Whitton2018-07-24
* debian: add other tools to long descriptionSean Whitton2018-07-24
* debian: drop fourth component from Standards-VersionSean Whitton2018-07-24
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: rewrite in perl with some new featuresSean Whitton2018-07-24
* wrap-and-sort -abstSean Whitton2018-07-24
* note TODOSean Whitton2018-07-24
* new script: notmuch-slurp-debbugSean Whitton2018-07-24
* new script: mbox2maildirSean Whitton2018-07-24
* debian: write a long descriptionSean Whitton2018-07-24
* depend on python3, not pythonSean Whitton2018-07-24
* add source package formatSean Whitton2018-07-24
* build and install a manpage for mdmvSean Whitton2018-07-24
* initial DebianisationSean Whitton2018-07-24