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* notmuch-slurp-debbug: Fix ability to read configuration fileintrigeri2020-05-01
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: use Mail::Box instead of shelling outSean Whitton2020-02-22
* use https:// instead of http://Daniel Kahn Gillmor2019-09-14
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: Fix the --bts-server argumentSean Whitton2019-03-06
* drop a joke in a commentSean Whitton2019-03-06
* normalise an importSean Whitton2019-03-06
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: use IPC::System::SimpleSean Whitton2019-03-06
* bump some copyright yearsSean Whitton2019-03-04
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: avoid invoking superfluous shellsSean Whitton2019-03-04
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: skip messages without a Message-IdSean Whitton2018-10-27
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: syntax fixSean Whitton2018-07-24
* notmuch-slurp-debbug: rewrite in perl with some new featuresSean Whitton2018-07-24
* new script: notmuch-slurp-debbugSean Whitton2018-07-24