BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianfinalise changelog for 13.7.0+dfsg-1 uploadSean Whitton4 months
experimentalregenerate manpageSean Whitton4 years
stretch-bpoCommit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadataSean Whitton4 years
archive/debian/13.7.0+dfsg-1ocrmypdf-archive/debian/13.7.0+dfsg-1.tar.gz  Sean Whitton4 months
debian/13.7.0+dfsg-1ocrmypdf-debian/13.7.0+dfsg-1.tar.gz  Sean Whitton4 months
v13.7.0+dfsgocrmypdf-13.7.0+dfsg.tar.gz  Sean Whitton4 months
v13.7.0ocrmypdf-13.7.0.tar.gz  James R. Barlow4 months
v13.6.2ocrmypdf-13.6.2.tar.gz  James R. Barlow4 months
v13.6.1ocrmypdf-13.6.1.tar.gz  James R. Barlow5 months
v13.6.0ocrmypdf-13.6.0.tar.gz  James R. Barlow5 months
v13.5.0ocrmypdf-13.5.0.tar.gz  James R. Barlow6 months
v13.4.7ocrmypdf-13.4.7.tar.gz  James R. Barlow6 months
v13.4.6ocrmypdf-13.4.6.tar.gz  James R. Barlow6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-03-13Disable oom killer test for --use-threadsv13.4.1James R. Barlow
2022-03-13Make --use-threads default and update release notesJames R. Barlow
2022-02-20docs: proofread pluginsJames R. Barlow
2022-02-19Disallow pikepdf 5.0.0v13.4.0James R. Barlow
2022-02-18v13.4.0 release notes (2)James R. Barlow
2022-02-18optimize: don't deflate JPEGs with fancy DecodeParms settingsJames R. Barlow
2022-02-18Fix error messages when run with pikepdf 5.0.0James R. Barlow
2022-02-18v13.4.0 release notesJames R. Barlow
2022-02-14pdfinfo: a few annotationsJames R. Barlow
2022-02-08Merge branch 'master' of R. Barlow