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* v13.4.3 release notesv13.4.3James R. Barlow2022-04-14
* pytest.skip() - remove kwarg entirely, to avoid breaking older pytest and not...James R. Barlow2022-04-14
* tests: explain why CacheOcrEngine needs lockJames R. Barlow2022-04-05
* Merge branch 'master' of R. Barlow2022-04-05
| * Add Gentoo Language Installation Instructions (#936)Christopher Besch2022-04-05
| * Update jbig2.rst (#911)Joseph Morris2022-04-05
* | Fix pytest.warns() on older pytestJames R. Barlow2022-04-05
* Docker: Change base image to debianv13.4.2James R. Barlow2022-04-04
* v13.4.2 release notes, take 2James R. Barlow2022-04-03
* ghostscript: match actual reported versionJames R. Barlow2022-04-03
* Add advisory note to release notesJames R. Barlow2022-04-03
* Speculation: Ghostscript 9.56 new PDF interpreter breaks thingsJames Barlow2022-04-03
* Fix Python "3.10"James Barlow2022-04-03
* Upgrade pre-commit and associated tools; various lintsJames Barlow2022-04-03
* ci: test Python 3.10James Barlow2022-04-03
* Add lock to certain "with patch" casesJames Barlow2022-04-03
* Fix pytest deprecation warningsJames Barlow2022-04-03
* Fix Pillow deprecation warningsJames Barlow2022-04-03
* pdfminer 20220319James R. Barlow2022-03-22
* Disable oom killer test for --use-threadsv13.4.1James R. Barlow2022-03-13
* Make --use-threads default and update release notesJames R. Barlow2022-03-13
* docs: proofread pluginsJames R. Barlow2022-02-20
* Disallow pikepdf 5.0.0v13.4.0James R. Barlow2022-02-19
* v13.4.0 release notes (2)James R. Barlow2022-02-18
* optimize: don't deflate JPEGs with fancy DecodeParms settingsJames R. Barlow2022-02-18
* Fix error messages when run with pikepdf 5.0.0James R. Barlow2022-02-18
* v13.4.0 release notesJames R. Barlow2022-02-18
* pdfinfo: a few annotationsJames R. Barlow2022-02-14
* Merge branch 'master' of R. Barlow2022-02-08
| * Fix spelling of 'ephemeral' (#908)rdiez2022-02-03
* | optimize: recognize and produce [/FlateDecode /DCTDecode] imagesJames R. Barlow2022-02-08
* | optimize: remove comment about issue in Pillow that is now fixedJames R. Barlow2022-02-07
* | optimize: remove inaccurate about ICCsJames R. Barlow2022-02-07
* | optimize: clarify log message about skipping images with multiple filtersJames R. Barlow2022-02-06
* | release notes: typoJames R. Barlow2022-02-06
* The world is not ready for :=v13.3.0James R. Barlow2022-01-26
* v13.3.0 release notesJames R. Barlow2022-01-25
* ghostscript: improve test coverage of error casesJames R. Barlow2022-01-25
* ghostscript: improve error message if image cannot be openedJames R. Barlow2022-01-25
* tesseract: account for more tesseract 5 output differencesJames R. Barlow2022-01-25
* optimize: don't try to optimize an image we can't saveJames R. Barlow2022-01-25
* Use better img2pdf settings where possible while supporting old versionsJames R. Barlow2022-01-14
* unpaper: refactoringJames R. Barlow2022-01-11
* unpaper: issue warning if image too large to cleanJames R. Barlow2022-01-11
* Revert "docs: add sphinx-panels"James R. Barlow2022-01-04
* docs: add sphinx-panelsJames R. Barlow2022-01-04
* Wrap exception on non-CMYK images into the log warning (#881)Anton Gladky2021-12-29
* Fix typo (#882)Krasimir Nedelchev2021-12-27
* v13.2.0 release notesv13.2.0James R. Barlow2021-12-19
* concurrency: fix extra update of progressbarJames R. Barlow2021-12-19