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add :types to defcustoms
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- Improve README for new users
- Autoload some more functions users might want to bind
+- defcustoms now specify their types, making the customisation
+ interface more useful
- Refactoring/cleanup
0.2 (2018-12-31)
diff --git a/org-d20.el b/org-d20.el
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A list of cons cells, where the car of each cell is a character's
name, and the cdr of each cell is that character's initiative
modifier as an integer."
+ :type '(alist :key-type string :value-type integer)
:group 'org-d20)
(defcustom org-d20-dice-sound nil
"Path to a sound file that `play-sound-file' can play."
+ :type 'string
:group 'org-d20)
(defcustom org-d20-letter-monsters nil
"Non-nil means individuate up to 26 monsters/NPCs with letters.
Rather than with digits."
+ :type 'boolean
:group 'org-d20)
(defcustom org-d20-continue-monster-numbering nil
"Non-nil means continue the numbering/lettering of monsters between types.
Rather than starting again for each type."
+ :type 'boolean
:group 'org-d20)
(defvar org-d20-mode-map