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* use target project namespace rather than always using the user'sSean Whitton2020-05-24
* don't continue if fail to push the gitforge branchSean Whitton2020-03-17
* reinstate workaround for pushing the gitforge branchSean Whitton2020-03-13
* refer to the fork consistently with $fork_uriSean Whitton2020-03-10
* drop spurious camel caseSean Whitton2020-03-10
* push the gitforge branch using Git::Wrapper again.Sean Whitton2020-03-10
* try to unprotect fork branches before deleting themSean Whitton2020-03-10
* pass single argument to methods which take a single argumentSean Whitton2020-03-10
* don't look up namespace if project already existsSean Whitton2020-03-09
* Implement API::GitForge::GitLab::_ensure_repo()Sean Whitton2020-03-09
* add TODOSean Whitton2020-02-20
* add TODOSean Whitton2020-02-17
* don't drop .git from $upstream in two placesSean Whitton2020-02-17
* Don't disable merge requests in GitLab clean forksSean Whitton2020-02-17
* consistency with parens usageSean Whitton2020-02-16
* document interfaces as unstable for nowSean Whitton2020-02-16
* bypass Git::Wrapper for pushing gitforge branchSean Whitton2020-02-16
* rework script into API::GitForge generic interfaceSean Whitton2020-02-16