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* release 1.6debian/1.6-1archive/debian/1.6-11.6Sean Whitton2020-07-26
* release 1.51.5Sean Whitton2020-07-16
* use just two version number componentsSean Whitton2019-11-28
* Update for pandoc-types >=1.20Sean Whitton2019-11-28
* bump version in cabal fileSean Whitton2019-11-28
* release Whitton2019-02-22
* convert changelog to Debian's formatSean Whitton2017-01-29
* delete cabal.config1.2.2Sean Whitton2016-12-22
* properly bump versions1.2.1Sean Whitton2016-11-10
* version Whitton2016-02-23
* update git repo locationSean Whitton2016-02-23
* base package upper bound for HackageSean Whitton2015-09-26
* better synopsisSean Whitton2015-09-26
* update cabal file for first releaseSean Whitton2015-09-26
* script generalised beyond just hardcoded LaTeXSean Whitton2015-09-26
* descriptionSean Whitton2015-09-13
* pandoc-citeproc-preamble proof of conceptSean Whitton2015-09-13