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@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ delete, return and spacebar keys, and aside from one forum post I ran into, I
haven't found anyone online who came up with anything much like what I've come
up with, so I thought I should probably write up a blog post.
-# The mappings
+# The mappings: Kinesis Advantage 2
1. The pairs of arrow keys under the first two fingers of each hand become ctrl
and alt/meta keys. This way there is a ctrl and alt/meta key for each hand,
@@ -54,6 +54,31 @@ up with, so I thought I should probably write up a blog post.
7. Backtick becomes an additional escape on the keypad layer.
+# The mappings: Kinesis Advantage360
+As above, except
+1. "Caps Lock" means the key labelled "Esc" and "the international key" means
+ the key labelled "Caps Lock"
+2. Fn+Caps Lock (Fn+"Esc") becomes an additional caps lock
+3. Fn+International key (Fn+"Caps Lock") becomes an additional insert
+4. Fn+backtick becomes an additional escape.
+When escape or insert must be typed shift-modified, e.g. Shift+Insert, use the
+keypad layer mappings, not the Fn1 layer mappings.
+I would also suggest mapping ①, ②, ③ and ④ to F5, F6, F7, and F8, which are
+reserved to users by the Emacs Lisp key binding conventions, and are less easy
+to access on the Advantage360 with its lack of dedicated function keys. And
+indeed, one standard usage for these keys in Emacs is user-recorded keyboard
+macros; see `C-x C-k b`. Rather than letting them have their own key codes or
+using the keyboard firmware's own facility for keyboard macros, just mapping
+the four keys to ordinary function keys means you can use them to hold ad hoc
+keyboard macros in text mode Emacs frames too.
# Sequences of two modified keys on different halves of the keyboard
It is desirable to input sequences like `C-x C-o` without switching which hand
@@ -80,3 +105,5 @@ one-handed chord is different on the Kinesis Advantage than on my laptop
keyboard. At this point, I'm executing these sequences without any special
thought, and they're rare enough that I don't think I need to try to determine
what would be the most ergonomic way to handle them.
+*Update 20/viii/2022*: Added Advantage360 mappings.