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# *Dungeons & Dragons*
- [[Fifth edition house rules|gaming/dnd5e]]
+- [[*Skies of Arcadia* campaign setting|gaming/arcadia]]
+- [[Summer 2017 campaign|gaming/summer17]]
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+Notes on my campaign setting based on *Eternal Arcadia*, a game for
+the Dreamcast, and its GameCube re-release *Skies of Arcadia*.
+There are plenty of modifications, so it is probably best not to go
+and play the game, unless you were already planning to.
+# The moons
+Instead of gods, there are six coloured moons. Each moon is
+associated with a particular kind of magic. The players are in a
+region where only the green moon is visible most of the year; the
+other moons are known about because they are visible on certain days
+of the year. Opinions differ on whether there are lands under the
+other moons.
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+This page is a wiki -- you should be able to login using just your
+e-mail address.
+# Players
+Sean, Matt, Jenny