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# University of Arizona
+* [[PHIL 150C1 -- Philosophical Perspectives on Society|philos/teaching/PHIL 150C1]]
* [[PHIL 160D1 -- Justice and Virtue|philos/teaching/PHIL 160D1]]
* [[PHIL 205 -- The Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation|philos/teaching/PHIL 205 pre-session]]
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+# TA
+* Sean Whitton `<>`
+* Taking sections **A, B and C**
+* Office: Social Sciences 138 (please also check room next door
+ labelled "Philosophy Department Library")
+* Spring 2016 office hours: Tu 3:30--6:30 (subject to change)
+# Policy
+## Section synopsis
+The purposes of the discussion section are to
+1. clarify any parts of the course material which you aren't sure you
+ understood; and
+2. engage philosophically with the course material by talking about it
+ as a group (especially in response to presentations).
+Please speak up if you think we're failing to do either of these.
+## Attendance & participation
+Don't forget that per the course syllabus
+> Attendance in discussion sections is mandatory. For every two
+> discussions missed, your final grade will be dropped a full letter
+> (unless you have a good excuse).
+## E-mail
+Barring extraordinary circumstances, I will respond to all e-mails
+within 36 hours. Please do not expect a response sooner than 24 hours
+after you send your e-mail (and don't expect to receive a reply on
+Saturday or Sunday). Please do not e-mail Prof. Christiano just
+because you haven't heard back from me, unless it's really important.
+## Technology
+**No smart phones, dumb phones, laptops or tablets may be used during
+discussion sections.** There are no exceptions without my explicit
+There is [scientific evidence][] that you will remember more by taking
+notes on paper.
+[scientific evidence]:
+## The end of class
+**Don't** start to pack away your things until I have finished
+speaking. It's disrespectful of me and other students who are trying
+to listen.
+## Accessibility and Accommodations
+If you anticipate or experience physical or academic barriers based on
+disability, please let me know so that we can discuss options. If you
+have reasonable accommodations, please plan to meet with me by
+appointment or during office hours to discuss accommodations and how
+my course requirements and activities may impact your ability to fully