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+[[!meta title="Paper assignment"]]
+# PHIL 205 winter 2020 final paper assignment
+## Guide
+In this writing assignment, you are to address the following
+> What precisely is price gouging, and what are some common reasons
+> for thinking that it is morally objectionable, and reflects poorly
+> on the character of the price gouger? How does Zwolinski respond to
+> those reasons? Does that response succeed?
+Your paper should have six paragraphs.
+In your first paragraph, introduce the topic and the plan of your
+paper, and say precisely what price gouging is (use Zwolinski's
+definition). This first paragraph should be very short.
+In the second paragraph, carefully explain *two* reasons why someone
+might think that price gouging is morally objectionable.
+In the third paragraph, carefully explain *one* reason why someone
+might think that price gouging reflects poorly on the character of the
+price gouger.
+In the fourth and fifth paragraphs, explain Zwolinski's responses to
+the reasons you gave in your second and third paragraphs.
+In the final paragraph, say whether you think Zwolinski's responses
+succeed---has he successfully defended price gouging? Explain why you
+have come to that conclusion.
+1. Explain *arguments* step-by-step.
+2. Use simple language.
+3. Ask yourself "why?" for every sentence you write, and make sure the
+ reason is clear to your reader.
+1. State different reasons without explaining them.
+2. Use fancy language.
+Remember that your task is to explain things in your own words. You
+may use quotations, but you must explain what they say too. Most of
+the paper should be your own writing, not long blocks of quoted text.
+If this is the first time you have written a philosophy paper, you may
+benefit from
+[this guidance](
+## Formatting
+1. Your paper will be in a 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman).
+2. Your paper will have 1 inch margins on all sides.
+3. Your paper will be double-spaced.
+4. The paper size can be A4 or letter paper.
+5. PDF format is preferred. DOCX or ODT are acceptable.
+6. Upload your paper to the dropbox before the deadline given on the
+ syllabus.
+7. Your paper should be two or three pages long (maximum three pages,
+ not including your bibliography if you have one).
+8. Use any standard citation/references scheme you like, so long as
+ you use it consistently and correctly.
+## Grading
+The purpose of this assignment is for you to be able to carefully
+explain the ideas in Zwolinski's paper. In a short pre-session
+course, I do not expect you to have developed complex ideas of your
+own about price gouging. It is more important that you can understand
+and explain the steps of Zwolinski's arguments.
+Your paper will be graded out of 20 points, broken down as follows:
+* 3 points for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Proofread your
+ paper carefully!
+* 3 points for sentence, paragraph and overall essay structure.
+ Carefully plan your essay before you write it.
+* 4 points for the quality of your explanation of why someone might
+ argue that price gouging is morally objectionable. Is it clear to
+ the reader how someone would argue?
+* 2 points for the quality of your explanation of why someone might
+ argue that price gouging reflects poorly on the price gouger's
+ character. Is it clear to the reader how and why someone would
+ argue like that?
+* 6 points for the quality of your explanation of Zwolinski's
+ responses to these arguments. Do you make a strong case on his
+ behalf?
+* 2 points for the plausibility of your concluding position on whether
+ Zwolinski has succeeded. Is it clear what you think, and have you
+ developed the reasons why you think that?
+Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions about this assignment.