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dgit has made it into buster-backports
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@@ -43,10 +43,8 @@ this ourselves for a few real uploads to sid during the sprint.
`% apt-get install git-debpush dgit-infrastructure dgit debian-keyring`
- (you need version 9.1 of the first three of these packages, only in
- Debian unstable at the time of writing. However, the `.deb`s will
- install on stretch & buster. And I'll put them in buster-backports
- once that opens.)
+ (you need version 9.1 of the first three of these packages, in
+ Debian testing, unstable and buster-backports at the time of writing.)
2. Prepare a source-only upload of some package that you normally push
to salsa. When you are ready to upload this, just type `git