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+[[!meta date="2011-04-13 14:11:00"]]
+[[!meta title="Blogs merged"]]
+[[!tag imported_PyBlosxom meta]]
+After [Jonathan]( pointed out that a list of recent
+blog-style posts at the top of my blog will allow those who aren't
+interested in the tumblelog content to filter out my writing, I've
+merged my two blogs [as
+planned]( Jonathan has
+also suggested some visual improvements to my blog's CSS.
+Going to have to spend a little time recategorising things; under
+`/writing/` I don't need many categories at all as I consider that stuff
+not to be a resource in the way that some of my tumblelog posts can be
+(somebody e-mailed me recently to say they'd made use of some ERC code
+of mine found on my tumblelog!). So I'll go through all my current posts
+soonish and then continue with the migration of content from the old
+Merging the git repositories of the two blogs was pretty painless:
+ git remote add notes ../notes
+ git fetch notes
+ git merge notes/master
+ git remote rm notes