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+[[!meta title="Chomsky on popular knowledge of sports"]]
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+[Noam Chomsky: Why Americans Know So Much About Sports But So Little
+About World
+Lately I've been spending time on reddit reading ideas in the comments
+about how we should think about and respond to the Snowden revealations,
+and similar leaks relating to the behaviour of well-financed branches of
+We've no good reason to believe in conspiracy theories so I'm not sure
+how we ought to think claims that the system is actively working against
+citizens to maintain its power. In particular, it's often claimed that
+the media is used to distract people from real issues. No one individual
+is behind that, so should we think of the government as constituting an
+agent, that manipulates the population through the media, as the
+macro-level effect of the various actions its employees make? Do we then
+need to think of the government as pre-meditating these things, or might
+something akin to evolutionary theory better explain what happens? Or is
+the lack of demand for real news throughly the fault of the
+non-government? I'd like to read some political scientists writing about
+Relevant song: John Mayer -- Waiting on the World to Change