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+[[!meta title="DebCamp/DebConf17: reports on sprints and BoFs"]]
+[[!tag debian]]
+In addition to my
+[personal reflections](
+on DebCamp/DebConf17, here is a brief summary of the activities that I
+had a hand in co-ordinating.
+I won't discuss here many other small items of work and valuable
+conversations that I had during the two weeks; hopefully the fruits of
+these will show themselves in my uploads to the archive over the next
+# Debian Policy sprint & BoF
+- [released]( version
+ of the Policy Manual
+- figured out
+ [documenting reproducibility]( in
+ policy. Formulating the wording turned out to be easier than I had
+ expected
+- approx. ten years after they were first published, incorporated
+ [marga's maintscript flowcharts](
+ into policy proper
+- converted policy from docbook to rST built with the Sphinx
+ toolchain. Many, many thanks to Hideki Yamane and David Bremner for
+ helping Russ and I get this merged to our master branch
+- triage of every single bug against policy, and mass closure of
+ inactive bugs, bringing the total down from more than 200 to around
+ 125
+- conversations with Technical Committee members about how the two
+ teams can help each other's work (mainly us helping them to help
+ us!)
+- conversations about how we handle disagreement and plans to
+ streamline our overly complex BTS usertags (watch this space)
+- very useful input from policy consumers about how the upgrading
+ checklist is formatted, and how we can recruit more people to get
+ patches written
+# Debian Emacs Team meeting/sprint
+- plans to finally drop our emacsXY binary packages, and just have a
+ single version of Emacs in the archive, so that we no longer have to
+ deal with bugs due to someone still having emacs21 installed
+ (David's idea; Rob's implementation; Sean's mostly-helpful comments)
+- other plans to simplify and otherwise improve the
+ [Debian Emacsen policy](
+- finally finished off the work needed to RM emacs24---nine months
+ later---including a lot of NMUs
+- mentoring a junior team member
+Unfortunately we didn't make any significant progress towards
+converting all addons to use dh_elpa, as the work is not that much
+fun. Might be worth a more focused sprint next year.
+# Git for Debian packaging BoF & follow-up conversations
+The BoF was far more about dgit than I had wanted; however, I think
+that this was mostly because people had questions about dgit, rather
+than any unintended lecturing by me.
+I believe that several people came away from DebConf thinking that
+starting to use dgit would improve Debian for themselves and for users
+of their packages.