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+[No Country for Old People | Korea
+[South Korea's Angry Young Men | Korea
+> ... the situation of South Korea in which everyone is conditioned to
+> see him- or herself as a "have" at all cost, even going to the length
+> of stepping on anyone perceived to have less power just to demonstrate
+> one's own powerfulness ...
+> Ilbe is another incarnation of the have-nots who pretend to have.
+> Refusing to accept the truth of not being a somebody in a country
+> where being a nobody is a fate worse than death, these young people
+> lash out, unaware of their own moral degeneration into "hungry ghosts"
+> - agwi - to borrow Park's description: twisted creatures whose hunger
+> is so intense they try to devour anything but can never fill that void
+> inside. ...
+> South Korea's young people are dealing with a miserable reality. They
+> undergo onerous education for a promise that their future will amount
+> to something. But when they graduate, landing a covetable job is
+> fiercely competitive. Costs of living are high, and renting a place of
+> your own, much less homeownership, is near impossible for a single
+> person without the help of well-to-do parents. Everyone says one
+> should get married and have children, but the expense of establishing
+> a family is daunting. Consumption is endlessly encouraged. Debts pile
+> up. There appears to be no hope on the horizon.