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attempt to use nbsp for some Lisp forms and key sequences
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@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ and drastically simplify my notmuch configuration outside of Emacs. I'm
always more comfortable with less Unix and more Lisp when it's feasible.
- The basic settings are `gnus-search-default-engines` and
- `gnus-search-notmuch-remove-prefix`, explained in `(info "(gnus) Searching")`,
+ `gnus-search-notmuch-remove-prefix`, explained in `(info "(gnus) Searching")`,
and an entry for your maildir in `gnus-secondary-select-methods`, explained
- in `(info "(gnus) Maildir")`. Then you will have `G G` and `G g` in the
+ in `(info "(gnus) Maildir")`. Then you will have `G G` and `G g` in the
group buffer to make and save notmuch searches.
- I think it's important to have something equivalent to