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+[[!meta date="2011-04-13 17:02:00"]]
+[[!meta title="Balliol historian on front of Guardian"]]
+[[!tag imported_PyBlosxom politics education]]
+Today's Guardian has one of Balliol's History finalists on the front:
+[Oxford University diversity row: 'Grades aren't enough' | The
+[[!img blog/img/guardianbush.png size=400x303]]
+Oxford University aren't happy with this and for once the students'
+union is with them:
+> Ignore the politicians: for the real story about admissions and
+> applicants from minority groups, go to
+> [<>](
+> ---[@ousunews](
+Sure, Oxford's access is far from perfect and is *maybe* too reliant on
+students (the Target Schools scheme is an effective approach). But it's
+really not Oxford's fault that there is such a low proportion of ethnic
+minority students, it's the fault of our divided education system with
+its rich private schools full of white teenagers who get coached in
+Oxbridge admissions. The situation in Oxford is reflective of the
+country's unequal education provision.