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+I've been less good at taking adequate typing breaks during the
+lockdown and I've become concerned about how much chording my left
+hand does on its own during typical Emacs usage, with caps lock
+rebound to control, as I've had it for years.
+I thought that now was as good a time as any to do something drastic
+about this. Here are my rebindings:
+- the keys on either side of the spacebar are control
+- the keys just outside of those are alt/meta
+- caps lock is Super, Windows or Command depending on OS
+- move any window manager keybindings which now become one handed
+ left hand chords such that they are not.
+Optional extras:
+- left control is caps lock
+- right control is the compose key.
+This has the following advantages:
+- you can easily achieve this rebinding on GNU/Linux, Windows and
+ macOS
+- almost every keyboard has enough keys near the spacebar to make it
+ work
+- there are control and alt/meta keys available to both hands, so
+ there is much less call for one-handed chording
+- control and alt/meta are pressed by the thumb, the strongest finger,
+ so when one-handed chording does come up (e.g. C-x C-n without
+ having to switch between control keys) it's the least harmful form
+ - my plan is to use the control/meta key available to the opposite hand
+ for the first key of each sequence, and allow some one handed
+ chording to complete the sequence.
+ - there is some temptation to use a curled up little finger on the
+ new alt/meta key, I'm finding, but I'm trying to stop myself from
+ doing that.
+The main disadvantage, aside from an adjustment period when I feel
+that someone has inserted a massive marshmellow between me and my
+computer, is that Ctrl-Alt combinations are a bit difficult. However,
+these do not come up often, and I think I've found a decent way to do
+it (thumb on control, ring finger on alt, possibly little finger on
+shift for Emacs' infamous C-M-S-v standard binding).