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+[[!meta date="2013-08-19 15:14:00"]]
+[[!meta title="Scanning"]]
+[[!tag imported_PyBlosxom writing diary]]
+I've written before that I feel weighed down by the stuff that I own
+because I feel responsible for it. We're not talking buyer's remorse
+about gadgets, smartphones etc. now since I don't have anything like
+that (just a three-year-old e-reader, a four-year-old laptop and a
+six-year-old computer), but simply the worry that I have to take care of
+loads and loads of possessions. So this summer I'm attempting a massive
+clear out. Also good since I'm off to Korea for a year and don't want to
+leave my parents with loads of stuff.
+[[!more linktext="continue reading this entry" pages="!blog/entry/*" text="""
+The main part of this clearing out, that takes the time, is scanning in
+paper, with my new flatbed scanner that I bought for the clear-out,
+before recycling it. I've gone through probably two thousand sheets by
+now, hour after hour sat at my desk. For the first two days or so this
+was fine but now I'm finding it more and more boring because it's not
+been clear where the end was: each time I finished some scanning I would
+find another box of paper waiting for me to get through. So this
+afternoon I've gathered together all remaining paper, and hopefully I
+can get through most of it by the end of today. Then the throwing out
+(including some photographing...) of all the other stuff I want to get
+rid of can begin; substantially easier and more fun.
+I haven't explained why the scanning. The point is that I'm massively
+attached to all this paper: I kept it as a record of the interesting
+things I have done in my life in the past ten years (that's about how
+far it stretches back though some goes even further back) and I'm
+attached to that. Scanning is my way of breaking the attachment with
+minimal suffering: I can then be attached to keeping the file, which is
+a whole lot easier for me. Still I think I'm scanning more than I need
+to and I am dogged by the feeling that very little of this will ever be
+looked at again.
+The ultimate goal is to have very few things. I'm pleased to have
+organised my educational certificates and legal documents into folders,
+with scanned copies to refer to if required. I'm going to get there and
+thanks to my having better habits now, I'm not going to get into this
+situation ever again. Though there are still all my video games, CDs
+etc. which I'm not making any attempt to clear out this summer...