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+[[!meta date="2011-09-12 21:29:00"]]
+[[!meta title="Stale three gate expand & switching to random"]]
+[[!tag imported_PyBlosxom fiction vidya starcraft]]
+I've reached an interesting position with my Protoss ladder play down
+here in the Bronze league in that I win pretty much every match I play
+that lasts more than ten minutes, and lose pretty much every match that
+lasts less: I can't respond well to early pressure, but my macro is good
+so I tend to just macro up a classic Protoss deathball and march right
+into their base. The build I use is either three gate expand or a forge
+fast expand (which I really like). I don't know my counters very well
+and I essentially scout for practice, not knowing much about what to
+look for: but I can get that deathball out pretty effectively beyond
+that point. Since I seem to be able to out-macro all the bronze players
+I am matched against, I suspect that I would be silver league if I could
+stop losing to early pressure.
+This has made things start to get a bit dull. Sure, I could learn how to
+counter cheese and I could learn when it's a good time to do drops and
+such, but the way I learn means that I'm not comfortable with doing
+clever things until I'm super-comfortable with the basics. And while
+I've said that my macro is 'good', it's probably really not that great
+at all, and it certainly doesn't come naturally, and I don't want to
+start using actual strategy until it is.
+So I thought: I want eventually to play random---the idea attracts
+me---rather than having one fixed race, so why not start now? I don't
+think it'll affect improving on the basics, I thought, and it'll add
+variety to the game, help me soak up more varied knowledge and allow me
+to get more out of watching pros play; atm, I get far less out of games
+with no Protoss players. Originally my plan was to switch to random once
+I was good with one race, but now I know more about how one improves at
+the low levels I'm not so sure. I made [a reddit
+to see if I was completely wrong about this and it seems I wasn't, so
+this is what I'm doing.
+Obviously I'm now going to progress more slowly overall. But I don't
+think the hit will be that great at this level, because what makes you
+better is your basic mechanics. I expect to hit a ceiling around gold
+league or so, where it's much harder to advance while splitting your
+efforts between races, but that's fine---I can always settle on a race
+then. It's more fun for me not to for now.
+My plan is to learn a few basic builds for each race and try them
+against the AI for a while rather than jumping straight into the ladder
+as random; I'll probably ladder as Terran and Zerg for a while first.
+This is because while it's bad to be afraid of laddering when you're
+experimenting, there's no point in laddering when you barely understand
+how larvae work and when you don't realise that you need a lair before
+you can build hydralisks---you're not really playing at all. So right now
+I'm trying to figure out how Zerg opening builds work (it's just gas and
+pool timings?), and then after that I'll probably learn a few safe
+Terran builds.
+So tonight I've been playing with Zerg, before Terran, because I think
+they're really cool. I love the importance of map control with both
+creep and overlords, slowly growing your way across the map and then
+releasing the swarm. And of course this means I have to learn how to
+larva inject, yay! I've got the technique for actually doing it down
+using the hotkey changes I already have set up, and I can inject all my
+hatches in less than a second, but knowing when to do it is the problem:
+they're all coming off cooldowns at different times, and it's even more
+brutal than missing a warp-in if you forget for ten seconds, it seems,
+because you can't spend your money. Any tips on this appreciated.
+I think part of this is that I think all three races are pretty 'cool'.
+Protoss because of shiny deathballs, blink and forcefields, Zerg because
+of map control and macro'ing it up, and Terran's stuff with marines and
+tanks steamrolling across the map, containing *etc.* Looking forward to
+being able to do cool things with all of these.