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## [[haskell-tab-indent|tech/code/haskell-tab-indent]]
-Emacs indentation minor mode for Haskell projects requiring tabs for
+Emacs minor mode for Haskell projects requiring tabs for indentation
-## [[dh-make-elpa|]]
+## dh-make-elpa
+Convert a [GNU Emacs addon package][package.el] (e.g. from
+[MELPA][MELPA]) to a Debian source package, from which you can build a
+`.deb`. Written for the [Debian pkg-emacsen team][pkg-emacsen].
+ # apt-get install dh-make-elpa
+ % man dh-make-elpa
-Produce Debian source packages from Emacs Lisp Package Archive (ELPA) packages
## [[git-remote-gcrypt|tech/code/git-remote-gcrypt]]