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## [[Debian|]]
-I am a Debian Developer (DD). Things I've worked on recently:
+I am a Debian Developer (DD). My primary involvement is as Debian
+Policy Editor, member of the archive administration team ("FTP team"),
+dgit developer, and maintainer or co-maintainer of a series of
+packages. Like most DDs, I do and have done other things too.
-- [Debian Policy]( editor
+- [Debian Policy]( Editor
> "The Debian Policy team defines Debian's technical framework,
> including the structure and contents of the Debian archive,
@@ -18,7 +21,7 @@ I am a Debian Developer (DD). Things I've worked on recently:
> "dgit allows you to treat the Debian archive as if it were a git
> repository."
-- [Emacs packaging team](
+- [Emacs packaging team](
- [Debian Haskell Group](