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practice room booking).
[[jcrlaundry.tar.gz (6.9K gzip'd tar archive)|tech/code/jcrlaundry.tar.gz]]
+## Tiling window manager patches
+### placen command in Musca
+Adds the [Musca]( command `placen`
+which is identical to `place` except it consider `WM_NAME` rather than
+`WM_CLASS` in matching windows. Really badly written.
+### No pointless border in Musca
+Here is a script for the [Musca](
+window manager that gets rid of the border round a frame when there's
+only one on the screen, in tiled mode.
+Put [the script](tech/code/wm/ somewhere
+and add these lines to your `.musca_start`:
+``` {.conf-space}
+hook on ^hsplit exec path/to/uselessborder/script right
+hook on ^vsplit exec path/to/uselessborder/script down
+hook on ^(remove|only) exec path/to/uselessborder/script none
+hook on ^(only|add) border off
+### Musca 'run in terminal'
+Adds a new command `term` which is the same as `shell` except it runs
+the command in a terminal (`rxvt-unicode` by default). This is supposed
+to be similar to the 'run in a terminal' checkbox you get in the run
+dialogs of mainstream desktop environments like Gnome and Xfce.