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## [[srem|tech/code/srem]]
-> srem is a program for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows systems to
-> quickly set and receive pop-up reminders at times you'd like them.
-> I've found that often when I get engrossed in something while
-> sitting at my computer, I lose track of the time and this has led to
-> burnt food, cold cups of tea, clean laundry sitting in the machine
-> for hours and being late to catch the bus to meet friends. srem
-> ("Sean's reminders") is a program that allows you to effortlessly
-> request reminders to go do things in the real world
+Quickly set desktop notifications for X minutes in the future on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows systems
# Scripts, wrappers & helpers
## [[oso2pdf|tech/code/oso2pdf]]
-> This computer program attempts to convert book chapters downloaded
-> from [[Oxford Scholarship Online|]]
-> to PDF. The PDFs are better than those the OSO website can generate:
-> the pages of the PDF correspond to the pages of the original book,
-> and the typography is nicer. The hard work is done by
-> [[Pandoc|]] and LaTeX.
+Better conversion of [[Oxford Scholarship Online|]] material to PDF
## [[pandoc-citeproc-preamble|tech/code/pandoc-citeproc-preamble]]
-> `pandoc-citeproc-preamble` is a JSON filter for
-> [[Pandoc|]] which inserts a preamble before the
-> output that the
-> [[pandoc-citeproc|]]
-> filter appends to the document. This preamble might include a
-> heading (e.g. "Bibliography") and raw markup to format the
-> bibliography for the output format.
+Insert a preamble before pandoc-citeproc's bibliography
# Unmaintained & historical
## [[spwoutline|tech/code/spwoutline]]
LaTeX class to export [[Org-mode|]] outlines so
-that they still look like they do in an Emacs buffer.
+that they still look like they do in an Emacs buffer
## [[sariulclocks.cgi|tech/code/sariulclocks]]
Basic classroom management software I wrote while teaching English in
## jcrlaundry