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+[[!meta title="sariulclocks.cgi"]]
+[[!template id=note text="""
+This software is no longer maintained.
+# Introduction #
+Keep track of class reward system points and count up and down
+activity time.
+# See it in action #
+The main view during a lesson.
+[[!img img/sariulclocks1.png caption="The main view during a lesson."]]
+[[!img img/sariulclocks2.png caption="""
+Here we can see how Bootstrap gives us the ability to see something
+useful when we make the browser window smaller. This lets us show the
+activity timer as well as something the pupils need to see to complete
+the activity.
+# Deployment #
+Get the code: `git clone`
+Read ``: it should explain everything that one needs to do to
+make it work though just running `` probably won't work.