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@@ -8,6 +8,30 @@ by Western culture, and have the opportunity to improve your ability
to think and write critically by considering whether and how what
these thinkers have had to say is correct.
+# Learning objectives
+1. You will read and gain an understanding of some foundational texts in
+ Western philosophy.
+2. You will study and explore core philosophical questions regarding what we
+ essentially are and what is good for us.
+3. You will write and revise philosophical essays explaining and analysing the
+ views presented in the course reading material.
+# Learning outcomes
+1. You will be able to understand what an author means to say in difficult
+ philosophical texts, and demonstrate this understanding by answering
+ comprehension questions.
+2. You will be able to defend in depth your understanding and conception of
+ two philosophical topics, in the writing of two philosophical essays.
+3. You will be able to identify and engage in distinctively philosophical
+ theorising about a number of topics, and express this understanding in
+ formulating the basic structure of your written answers.
# Instructor
* Sean Whitton `<>`