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The ThinkPad x220 that I had been using as an ssh terminal at home finally
developed one too many hardware problems a few weeks ago, and so I ordered a
Raspberry Pi 4b to replace it. Debian builds [minimal SD
-card]( images for these machines already, but I
+card images]( for these machines already, but I
wanted to use the usual ext4-on-LVM-on-LUKS setup for GNU/Linux workstations.
-So I used [Consfigurator](tech/code/consfigurator) to build a custom image.
+So I used [Consfigurator](/tech/code/consfigurator) to build a custom image.
There are two key advantages to using Consfigurator to do something like this:
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ about kernel command lines; the second wouldn't boot because of a [minor bug
in Consfigurator regarding
and the third build is the one I'm using, except that the first boot runs into
-a bug in [cryptsetup-initramfs]( So as far
+a [bug in cryptsetup-initramfs]( So as far
as Consfigurator is concerned I would like to claim that it worked on my
second attempt, and had I not been using LUKS it would have worked on the
first :)
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ in the Consfigurator user's manual.
from the code above) meant that when I was dropped into an initramfs shell
during my attempts to make an image that could boot itself, I found myself
availed of my custom [Space Cadet-inspired keyboard
- layout](blog/entry/spacecadetrebindings), without really having thought at
+ layout](/blog/entry/spacecadetrebindings), without really having thought at
any point "let's do something to ensure I can have my usual layout while I'm
figuring this out." It was just included along with everything else.