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+[[!meta date="2011-05-31 13:40:00"]]
+[[!meta title="Bye bye comlab"]]
+[[!tag imported_PyBlosxom politics oxford]]
+> Computing Laboratory becomes Department of Computer Science
+> From the 1 June 2011, the Oxford University Computing Laboratory will
+> be changing its name to the Department of Computer Science, University
+> of Oxford.
+> Bill Roscoe, Head of the Department explained "This name change is
+> simply to help the world at large understand our role as the
+> University's department of computer science. I am excited that it
+> gives us the opportunity to reach out more easily and tell everyone
+> what we are doing in both teaching and research. When the Computing
+> Laboratory was founded in 1957 it literally was somewhere where the
+> University's scientists came to try things out on this new sort of
+> machine. However we have long since become a large academic department
+> doing world-leading research in many areas related to computing."
+> Please note the departmental website will change to,
+> and email addresses will take the format rather
+> than as currently.
+This is really sad :( The ComLab is the coolest place ever, and it will
+be far less cool when its name changes. You go inside and there are
+levels of security (as a petty philosophy student I don't have much
+access), and it's all hidden behind a facade of buildings: one minute
+you are standing in a large atrium with glass walkways, and then you go
+through a door and you're standing next to an old terraced house in a
+street; it's really cool how they've connected all these old buildings
+together into a warren. Also there are 0.00001% girls.