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+[[!meta title="DebCamp18 report"]]
+DebCamp for me extended an extra day to include the DebConf18 open
+day, but fortunately no further; today is the first day of DebConf18
+proper, and I am happy to have DebCamp work sufficiently wrapped up
+that I can go to talks and discuss past and future work ... rather
+than actually doing that work.
+Here's what I did at DebCamp:
+- Significant progress on both difficult and easy bugs against Debian
+ Policy, and some admin issues. I haven't managed to make a release
+ but I think enough will fall into place between now and the end of
+ DebConf that I can do that before flying home.
+ Hideki Yamane is working on adding the infrastructure to translate
+ Policy, which is very exciting. I don't think we'll get that all
+ finished this week -- I have to learn how to co-ordinate translators
+ -- but if we can get that infrastructure merged and released that is
+ a big blocker out of the way.
+- Developed and released dgit versions 6.0 and 6.1 with Ian Jackson.
+ The main changes: `--build-products-dir` works properly now and is
+ configurable in your `~/.gitconfig`, and dgit gained built-in
+ support for pbuilder.
+ There are various internal improvements to make these features work
+ quite elegantly. Some of the work was reworking parts of a patch
+ series I posted a few weeks ago, so it should be easier to rework
+ the remainder of that series now.
+ We realised yesterday evening that while the `--build-products-dir`
+ work was intended mainly for the benefit of pbuilder users, it is
+ actually quite a boon for sbuild users too, because sbuild itself
+ does not support dumping `.orig`, `.dsc`, `.debian.tar.gz`
+ etc. files into a build products directory. But now it does, if you
+ run it via dgit.
+ I have never been bothered by these build products in `..`, but I am
+ considering starting to use the new feature and throwing away my
+ crude perl code that cleans up `~/src` on my workstations.
+- Finally found a place in the archive for some mail processing
+ scripts in my `~/bin`: a new package called `mailscripts` (after
+ some discussion about where else it might be included). And finally
+ wrote, and included in this package, a facility to pull a Debian bug
+ into your notmuch database. No more opening up the web browser to
+ read bugs because you were CCed on only a few of the messages in the
+ bug.
+- Provided people with feedback: on a proposal for a procedure for
+ salvaging packages; on Ian Jackson's script and slides for our talk
+ about git-debrebase.
+- Small pieces of work on team-maintained packages. Filing RFAs and
+ removing myself from Uploaders where I'm not active. Some
+ sponsorship. Some NMUs to help a transition.
+- Some ordinary package maintainance.
+- Some unfortunate yak shaving rabbit holes. Including broken
+ `/etc/mailname` on my laptop. But that's better than David Bremner,
+ whose entire setup for sending e-mail broke in the middle of the
+ conference.