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+[[!meta title="Debian Policy call for participation -- September 2018"]]
+[[!tag debian-policy]]
+Here's a summary of some of the bugs against the Debian Policy Manual
+that are thought to be easy to resolve.
+Please consider getting involved, whether or not you're an existing
+For more information, see our
+[#152955]( force-reload should not
+start the daemon if it is not running
+[#172436]( BROWSER and sensible-browser
+[#188731]( Also strip .comment and
+.note sections
+[#212814]( Clarify relationship between
+long and short description
+[#273093]( document interactions of
+multiple clashing package diversions
+[#314808]( Web applications should use
+/usr/share/package, not /usr/share/doc/package
+[#348336]( Clarify Policy around shared
+configuration files
+[#425523]( Describe error unwind when
+unpacking a package fails
+[#491647]( debian-policy: X font policy
+unclear around TTF fonts
+[#495233]( debian-policy: README.source
+content should be more detailed
+[#649679]( [copyright-format] Clarify
+what distinguishes files and stand-alone license paragraphs.
+[#682347]( mark 'editor' virtual
+package name as obsolete
+[#685506]( copyright-format: new
+Files-Excluded field
+[#685746]( debian-policy Consider
+clarifying the use of recommends
+[#694883]( copyright-format: please
+clarify the recommended form for public domain files
+[#696185]( [copyright-format] Use short
+names from SPDX.
+[#697039]( expand cron and init
+requirement to check binary existence to other scripts
+[#722535]( debian-policy: To document:
+the "Binary-Only" field in Debian changes files.
+[#759316]( Document the use of
+/etc/default for cron jobs
+[#770440]( debian-policy: policy should
+mention systemd timers
+[#780725]( PATH used for building is
+not specified
+[#794653]( Recommend use of
+dpkg-maintscript-helper where appropriate
+[#809637]( DEP-5 does not support
+filenames with blanks
+[#824495]( debian-policy: Source
+packages "can" declare relationships
+[#833401]( debian-policy: virtual
+packages: dbus-session-bus, dbus-default-session-bus
+[#845715]( debian-policy: Please
+document that packages are not allowed to write outside their source
+[#850171]( debian-policy: Addition of
+having an 'EXAMPLES' section in manual pages debian policy 12.1
+[#853779]( debian-policy: Clarify
+requirements about update-rc.d and invoke-rc.d usage in maintainer
+[#904248]( Add netbase to