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+[[!meta title="Upload to Debian with just 'git tag' and 'git push'"]]
+At a sprint over the weekend, Ian Jackson and I designed and
+implemented a system to make it possible for Debian Developers to
+upload new versions of packages by simply pushing a specially
+formatted git tag to salsa (Debian's GitLab instance). That's right:
+the only thing you will have to do to cause new source and binary
+packages to flow out to the mirror network is sign and push a git tag.
+It works like this:
+1. DD signs and pushes a git tag containing some metadata. The tag is
+ placed on the commit you want to release (which is probably the
+ commit where you ran `dch -r`).
+2. This triggers a GitLab webhook, which passes the public clone URI
+ of your salsa project and the name of the newly pushed tag to a
+ cloud service called *tag2upload*.
+3. tag2upload verifies the signature on the tag against the Debian
+ keyring,[^1] produces a `.dsc` and `.changes`, signs these, and
+ uploads the result to ftp-master.[^2]
+ (tag2upload does not have, nor need, push access to anyone's repos
+ on salsa. It doesn't make commits to the maintainer's branch.)
+4. ftp-master and the autobuilder network push out the source and
+ binary packages in the usual way.
+The first step of this should be as easy as possible, so we've
+produced a new script, `git debpush`, which just wraps `git tag` and
+`git push` to sign and push the specially formatted git tag.
+We've fully implemented tag2upload, though it's not running in the
+cloud yet. However, you can try out this workflow today by running
+tag2upload on your laptop, as if in response to a webhook. We did
+this ourselves for a few real uploads to sid during the sprint.
+1. First get the tools installed. tag2upload reuses code from `dgit`
+ and `dgit-infrastructure`, and lives in `bin:dgit-infrastructure`.
+ `git debpush` is in a completely independent binary package which
+ does not make any use of dgit.[^3]
+ `% apt-get install git-debpush dgit-infrastructure dgit debian-keyring`
+ (you need version 9.1 of the first three of these packages, only in
+ Debian unstable at the time of writing. However, the `.deb`s will
+ install on stretch & buster. And I'll put them in buster-backports
+ once that opens.)
+2. Prepare a source-only upload of some package that you normally push
+ to salsa. When you are ready to upload this, just type `git
+ debpush`.
+ If the package is non-native, you will need to pass a *quilt
+ option* to inform tag2upload what
+ [git branch layout]( you
+ are using -- it has to know this in order to produce a `.dsc`.
+ The quilt option you select gets stored in the newly created tag,
+ so for your next upload you won't need it, and `git debpush` alone
+ will be enough.
+ See the git-debpush(1) manpage for more options, but we've tried
+ hard to ensure most users won't need any.
+3. Now you need to simulate salsa's sending of a webhook to the
+ tag2upload service. This is how you can do that:
+ ``` {.bash}
+ % mkdir -p ~/tmp/t2u
+ % cd ~/tmp/t2u
+ % dgit-repos-server \
+ debian . /usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.gpg,a --tag2upload \
+ debian/1.23
+ ```
+ ... substituting your own service admin e-mail address, salsa repo
+ URI and new tag name.
+ Check the file `~/tmp/t2u/overall.log` to see what happened, and
+ perhaps take a quick look at
+ [Debian's upload queue](
+A few other notes about trying this out:
+- tag2upload will delete various files and directories in your working
+ directory, so be sure to invoke it in an empty directory like
+ `~/tmp/t2u`.
+- You won't see any console output, and (in my own case, partially as
+ a consequence of that) the command might feel a bit slow. Neither
+ of these will matter when tag2upload is running as a cloud service,
+ of course. If there is an error, you'll get an e-mail.
+- Running the script like this on your laptop will use your default
+ PGP key to sign the `.dsc` and `.changes`. The real cloud service
+ will have its own PGP key.
+- The shell invocation given above is complicated, but once the cloud
+ service is deployed, no human is going to ever need to type it!
+ What's important to note is the two pieces of user input the command
+ takes: your salsa repo URI, and the new tag name. The GitLab web
+ hook will provide the tag2upload service with (only) these two
+ parameters.
+For some more discussion of this new workflow, see the
+[git-debpush(1)]( manpage. We
+hope you have fun trying it out.
+[^1]: Unfortunately, DMs can't try tag2upload out on their laptops,
+ though they will certainly be able to use the final cloud service
+ version of tag2upload.
+[^2]: Only source-only uploads are supported, but this is by design.
+[^3]: Do not be fooled by the string 'dgit' appearing in the generated
+ tags! We are just reusing a tag metadata convention that dgit
+ also uses.