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+# PHIL 205 pre-session:<br/>Business Ethics
+In this course we seek to apply philosophical methodology to the
+ethical issues that arise from business in a globalised world.
+You will gain an understanding of the relevant ethical and economic
+issues, and improve your ability to philosophically analyse the issues
+in writing.
+# Instructor
+* Sean Whitton `<>`
+* Internet office hours: TBD
+# Course Format and Teaching Methods
+The structure and content of the course will be as follows:
+1. There are three units.
+2. We will study one unit per week.
+3. Units 1 and 2 will contain
+ - five reading assignments; and
+ - four or five video lectures (posted throughout the week).
+4. Unit 3 will contain
+ - three reading assignments; and
+ - three video lectures (posted throughout the week).
+5. Unit 3 is shorter so you have time to work on your final paper.
+6. For each reading assignment I will post discussion questions.
+7. You should make **two discussion posts** in the first week and
+ **two discussion posts** in the second week.
+ - one post should either:
+ + respond to my discussion questions; or
+ + post your own discussion question, and respond to it; and
+ - the other post should respond to another student's post.
+ - Each post should be of at least 200 words.
+8. You should make **one discussion post** in the final week. You can
+ either:
+ - respond to my discussion questions; or
+ - post your own discussion question, and respond to it; or
+ - respond to another student's discussion contribution.
+ - Your post should be of at least 200 words.
+9. On the final day of each unit there will be a **multiple-choice
+ quiz** on the content of the unit, due by midnight on Friday.
+10. You should also **write a final paper** answering the essay prompt
+ I will post at the beginning of the final week of the course.
+In a face-to-face class I can look at the faces of my students and
+judge how well they are following the material. Even if I asked each
+of you to send me a selfie for every day of the course, I can't make
+that kind of judgment over the Internet. So you need to let me know
+immediately if you think you're falling behind. I want to help you,
+but you need to keep me informed.
+You must have a reliable computer and Internet connection available to
+participate. I won't accept computer problems as an excuse for
+missing any deadlines---it's impossible for me to verify your claims.
+I recommend completing the reading assignments by Thursday of each
+week. Then you can spend Friday reviewing the parts you didn't
+understand, in preparation for the quiz. Your schedule during each
+unit is up to you, though.
+I will provide further guidance on the final paper when I set the
+paper topics.
+# Late Registration
+Since this is a pre-session course, you cannot register after the
+first 48 hours of the course.
+# Course Communications
+News about the course will be posted on the D2L course homepage.
+Please enable D2L e-mail notifications and/or check the D2L course
+homepage regularly.
+I will hold Internet office hours using video conferencing software at
+the following times on the following days. You should visit
+[this page]( to join the call. The
+password is available on D2L. At other times I will be available by
+e-mail. I will try to reply to all e-mails within 24 hours.
+"MST" means "Mountain Standard Time"---that's Tucson's timezone.
+* TBD
+If none of these times suit you, please e-mail me and we can arrange
+something else.
+# Required Text
+TBD. Please let me know if you have any difficulty obtaining this
+There will be additional readings on D2L.
+# Grading
+## Scale
+- 90%+: grade A
+- 80%+: grade B
+- 70%+: grade C
+- 60%+: grade D
+- Less than 60%: grade E
+## Breakdown
+1. Unit 1 multiple choice quiz: 20%
+2. Unit 2 multiple choice quiz: 20%
+3. Unit 3 multiple choice quiz: 20%
+4. Participation in online discussions: 10%
+5. Final paper: 30%.
+# Course Schedule
+## Unit 1: title
+- Reading assignments for this unit:
+ 1. Singer: *Famine, Affluence and Morality* (PDF on D2L)
+ 2. Schmidtz: *Islands in a Sea of Obligation* (PDF on D2L)
+ 3. tbd
+ 4. Satz: *The Moral Limits of Markets: The Case of Human Kidneys*,
+ pp. 269--277 **only** (PDF on D2L)
+ 5. tbd
+- Watch five video lectures.
+- Post two discussion contributions.
+- 18th May: unit 1 quiz due by midnight.
+## Unit 2: title
+- Reading assignments for this unit:
+ 1. Hayek: *The Use of Knowledge in Society* (PDF on D2L)
+ - new focus here should be on "I don't care why they want gluten
+ free food, I'm going to provide it"
+ 2. Zwolinski: *The Ethics of Price Gouging* (PDF on D2L)
+ 3. "A fare shake", *The Economist*, 14th May 2016 (PDF on D2L)
+ 4. tbd
+ 5. tbd
+- Watch four video lectures.
+- Post two discussion contribution.
+- 25th May: unit 2 quiz due by midnight.
+## Unit 3: title
+- Reading assignments for this unit:
+ 1. tbd
+ 2. tbd
+ 3. Marx: *Alienation* (PDF on D2L)
+- Watch three video lectures.
+- Post one discussion contribution.
+- 1st June: unit 3 quiz due by midnight.
+- 2nd June (last day of classes): final paper due by midnight.
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