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+- settings: Accept all types of GIcon
+- settings: Adjust inline toolbar
+- Fix compilation with -Wmissing-prototypes
+- Don't warn when there are no saved sessions
+- bump glib (and gio, gthread, etc) minimum to 2.50.0
+- Remove GSourceFunc casts
+- Update .gitignore
+- Add to EXTRA_DIST
+- Translation Updates:
+ Basque, Chinese (China), Czech, Danish, Estonian, French, Galician,
+ Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål,
+ Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovenian,
+ Turkish, Vietnamese
+- Fix potential crash in suspend and shutdown (Fixes #65)
+- Avoid potential format-string vulns (Issue #65)
+- settings: Tweak 'Current Session' tab
+- settings: Make 'App Autostart' columns sortable
+- settings: Fix 'Current session' column width (!10)
+- Add lock icon, 24px and 32px icons
+- Add more guards around GErrors
+- Update copyright year
+- Fix ifdef
+- Add
+- Translation Updates:
+ Armenian (Armenia), Basque, Belarusian (Tarask), Chinese (China),
+ Czech, Danish, Eastern Armenian, Estonian, French, Hebrew, Hungarian,
+ Indonesian, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak,
+ Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Uyghur
+- Use new icon in settings dialog (Bug #16885)
+- Add new application icon and rDNS icon name
+- logout-dialog: Add new icons
+- logout-dialog: Bump icon size to 48px
+- Switch to symbolic window-close icons
+- Drop GDM compatibility code to avoid invalid session locale
+- Segfault when suspending without pm-suspend installed (Bug #16632)
+- Expand field codes
+- Add a GnuPG 2.1+ mode
+- Fix session crash at logout (Bug #16105)
+- Free the intermediate "cmd" variable in xfsm_startup_init()
+- Re-add xfsm_startup_shutdown() call to xfce4-session main()
+- Remove sys/sysctl.h on linux platform
+- Move from exo-csource to xdt-csource (Bug #16717)
+- Try xfce screensaver before cinnamon (Bug #16223)
+- Add support for xfce4-screensaver (Bug #16522)
+- Silence runtime warning (Bug #15731)
+- settings: Don't warn when there are no saved sessions (Fixes #62)
+- settings: Add sort-on-click to columns in "Current Session" tab (!3)
+- settings: Add keywords for discoverability (Bug #10694)
+- settings: Add tooltips to image-buttons
+- settings: Better app icon lookup
+- settings: Be more precise in infobar wording
+- settings: Drop inline-toolbar button labels
+- settings: Move autostart info to docs.xfce
+- settings: Don't make 'saved sessions' tab reorderable
+- settings: Sort saved sessions by most recently used (Bug #15338)
+- Add basic GitLab pipeline
+- Drop unused var
+- Bump copyright years
+- Only clean generated sources when in maintainer mode
+- Do not show translation info on --help output
+- Translation Updates:
+ Albanian, Arabic, Armenian (Armenia), Basque, Belarusian, Belarusian
+ (Tarask), Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong
+ Kong), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Eastern
+ Armenian, English (Australia), English (Canada), English (United
+ Kingdom), Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew,
+ Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Interlingue, Italian, Japanese,
+ Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian
+ Nynorsk, Occitan (post 1500), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil),
+ Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai,
+ Turkish, Uighur, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
+- settings: Fix icon name
+- settings: Replace GtkStock buttons
+- Set XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME in systemd user session (Bug #15440)
+- Translation Updates:
+ Albanian, Arabic, Armenian (Armenia), Asturian, Basque, Belarusian,
+ Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong),
+ Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), English (United
+ Kingdom), Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian,
+ Icelandic, Indonesian, Interlingue, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean,
+ Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Occitan (post
+ 1500), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian,
+ Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Uighur, Ukrainian,
+ Vietnamese
+ - Process Gtk events prior to starting D-Bus (Bug #15712)
+ - Revert "session: Serialize startup of xfsettings daemon"
+ - session: Serialize startup of xfsettings daemon
+ - Splash engines are not present anymore in xfce4-session
+ - Translation Updates:
+ Armenian (Armenia), Danish, Finnish, Norwegian Bokmål, Ukrainian
+- Reset font-size of logout dialog to default (Bug #15505)
+- Report optional dependency on polkit (Bug #12761)
+- Read data from correct group when editing autostart entry (Bug
+ #10423)
+- Improve layout of autostart add/edit dialogs
+- Improve column layout of autostart tab (Bug #15448)
+- settings: Fix crash when terminating programs (Bug #15489)
+- Translation updates:
+ Belarusian, Danish, English (Australia), Finnish, French, German,
+ Hebrew, Hungarian, Kazakh, Malay, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian),
+ Turkish
+- Drop splash screens
+- Introduce priority-group startup for FailSafe Session
+- Optionally run commands on logout, suspend etc. (Bug #10172)
+- xflock4:
+ - Do not override PATH with hardcoded value.
+ - Add support for xfce4-screensaver to xflock4
+- chooser:
+ - Improve look and feel of the session chooser
+ - Improve UI and add delete button (Bug #12799)
+ - Add fallback theming to chooser dialogs
+ - Enable keypress response to session creation
+ - Update session name in xfconf after chooser
+ - Fix case in session chooser buttons
+- settings:
+ - Show saved sessions in settings dialog
+ - Move "lock screen before sleep" option to general tab
+ - Fix alignment of session lock property
+ - Fix PID showing in "Current Session" tab
+ - Improve icon matching in "Current Session" tab
+ - Add a label for the currently active session
+ - Add a "delete session" button to the session list
+ - Make the Autostart buttons an inline toolbar
+ - Initialize the session list treeview if necessary
+ - More settings dialog UI improvements
+ - Add column headers to autostart list
+ - In autostart some apps (e.g. xfce-polkit) have bigger icons
+ - Make entries expand in add/edit app startup dialog (Bug #15321)
+- logout-dialog:
+ - Fix sensitivity of switch user button
+ - Remove blue border from logout dialog (Bug #15284)
+ - Improve default style of the logout dialog
+ - Add styleclass to make logout dialog themeable
+ - Set logout dialog icons from icon_name
+ - Support scaling in logout dialog (Bug #14951)
+ - Use a different icon for hybrid sleep when possible
+ - Fix mnemonic conflict on logout dialog
+- Use systemd-logind methods instead of polkit permissions (Bug #14707)
+- scripts/ use "command" shell builtin instead of
+- Use sysconf(_SC_NGROUPS_MAX) instead of #defining an arbitrary
+MAX_USER_GROUPS (bug #14722)
+- Don't auto start consolekit daemon if it is not running
+- Added better shutdown fallback support for the BSDs (Bug #14722)
+- Don't install generic icon names (Bug #11912)
+- Use exec to launch xfce4-session from xinitrc
+- xinitrc: Remove fallback path when xfce4-session is not installed
+- Remove old unused autostart_migrate function
+- Fix GVariant format string in dbus server
+- Extend debug messages
+- Silence compiler warnings
+- Remove unused checks on configure step
+- Drop unused function
+- Remove useless ioprio.h check
+- rollback fix of a warning (fix requires glib 2.58)
+- Fixed warning "cast between incompatible function types" introduced
+ in GCC 8
+- replaced GList of windows with single window (not required any more)
+ (triggered by previous commit a99008c8dbddc038778c8c7e1e080f42c034c3a2)
+- merged identic cases (triggered by previous commit
+ a99008c8dbddc038778c8c7e1e080f42c034c3a2)
+- removed duplicated loop counter (triggered by previous commit
+ a99008c8dbddc038778c8c7e1e080f42c034c3a2)
+- replaced deprecated "gtk_display_get_screen" - For each display
+ there is only one screen (See gtk3 doc of gdk_display_get_screen). So
+ we can use gdk_display_get_default_screen (display) instead of looping
+ on all screens. - The default screen is the screen of the default
+ display ( no need to first get the default display if the default
+ screen is required)
+- bump gtk version to 3.22 and gmodule/gio to 2.42
+- Remove now useless XFCE_GLADE_*_PATH variables (Bug #13945)
+- Tell intltool how to extract .ui files (Bug #14582)
+- fix build failure when dbus is not in the system include path (Bug
+ #14386)
+- Translation updates:
+ Albanian, Arabic, Asturian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian,
+ Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Taiwan),
+ Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch (Flemish), English (Australia), English
+ (Great Britain), Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew,
+ Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean,
+ Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk,
+ Occitan, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian,
+ Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian,
+ Urdu, Urdu (Pakistan), Uyghur, Vietnamese
+- Add/Edit Application Autostart Entries (Bug #13271)
+- Remove non-existent grid properties (Bug #13271)
+- fix coverity 178990 Resource leak
+- fix coverity cid 178989 Dereference after null check
+- 178988 'Constant' variable guards dead code
+- fix coverity cid 178987 Logically dead code
+- fix coverity cid 87608 Dereference after null check
+- 178988 'Constant' variable guards dead code
+- fix coverity cid 178987 Logically dead code
+- fix coverity cid 87608 Dereference after null check
+- fix coverity cid 87607 Unchecked return value from library
+- Hybrid Sleep support - "hibernate" and suspend the system
+- xfce4-session-logout: deconflict -h option (Bug #12806)
+- Export the SSH_AUTH_SOCK when spawning client Bug #13486
+- fix: Compilation error with --disable-polkit Bug #12760
+- Require libxfce4ui-2 instead of libxfce4ui-1 in file
+- xfsm-manager: pass manager variable to g_timeout_add Bug #13802
+- Bump GTK version to 3.20
+- Check accessibility depending on xfsm configuration
+- Fix keyboard grab for logout window
+- Fix fadeout window using Xlib API
+- Fix gdk max version to 3.20
+- Translation updates: am, ar, ast, be, bg, bn, ca, cs, da,
+ de, el, en_AU, en_GB, eo, es, eu, fi, fr, gl, he, hr, hu,
+ id, is, it, ja, kk, ko, lt, lv, ms, nb, nl, nn, oc, pl, pt,
+ pt_BR, ro, ru, sk, sl, sq, sr, sv, th, tr, ug, uk, ur, ur_PK,
+ vi, zh_CN, zh_HK, zh_TW
+- xfsm has been ported to Gtk3.
+- xfsm now does session management for clients using the Gtk application
+ dbus interface.
+- xfsm has been ported to GDBus.
+- Add a switch user button to the logout dialog (Bug #10345)
+- UPower dependency has been removed as the suspend/hibernate dbus calls
+ were dropped from it.
+- Handle screensaver with it's own object (Bug #12603)
+- Fix a crash when warning about the screenlocker (Bug #12603)
+- When locking fallback to xflock4 first (Bug #12603)
+- Add switch-user to the xfsm-logout program
+- Translation updates: am, ast, ca, da, de, el, en_AU, es, fi, fr, gl, he,
+ hr, hu, id, is, it, ja, kk, ko, lt, ms, nb, nl, nn, oc, pl, pt, pt_BR,
+ ru, sk, sr, sv, th, tr, uk, zh_CN, zh_TW
+Stable release of xfce4-session for Xfce 4.12.
+* Miscellaneous bug fixes:
+- Remove AC_CHECK_HEADER_STDBOOL, it was only
+ added in autoconf 2.69 and we dont use
+ stdbool.h anyway
+- Add symlinks to the old icons (Bug #11513)
+- Rename action icon names (Bug #11513)
+- Gracefully handle the sessions dir being
+ readonly (Bug #11307)
+- Add ConsoleKit2 support
+- Create scripts/xinitrc from scripts/
+ created by configure
+* Translation updates:
+ Asturian (ast), Bulgarian (bg), Spanish (Castilian) (es),
+ Finnish (fi), French (fr), Hebrew (he), Romanian (ro),
+ Slovak (sk), Slovenian (sl).
+- Add DesktopNames to .desktop file
+- Export XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP (Bug #11239)
+- Expand usage of xfsm_verbose for debugging
+- Don't log errors when trying to close non-existent FDs
+- Add error checking for fcntl
+- Properly print the dbus error message
+- Check the return value of select
+- atoi (argv[2]) is unsafe
+- Check the return value of gtk_tree_selection_get_selected
+- gtk_cell_renderer_text_new is never used
+- Minor Autotools Updates
+- Add fallback DragonflyBSD support for suspend/hibernate
+- Use pkexec for xfsm-shutdown (Bug 9952)
+- Handle gpg and ssh agents separately
+ Patch by Mikhail Efremov
+- Non-POSIX compliant test used in startxfce4 (Bug 10828)
+ Patch by seejay
+- Update copyright year (Bug 10768)
+- polkit_unix_process_new is deprecated (Bug 10793)
+ Patch by Baurzhan Muftakhidinov
+- Add logind runtime detection to support suspend/hibernate (Bug 9952)
+ Patch by Guido Berhoerster
+- Translation Updates: Asturian (ast), Bulgarian (bg),
+ German (de), Spanish (Castilian) (es), Finnish (fi),
+ French (fr), Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Dutch (Flemish) (nl),
+ Polish (pl), Swedish (sv), Phan Vĩnh Thịnh (vi).
+- Remove gnome-keyring remains.
+- Remove xfce environment functions and use glib.
+- Add shutdown/reboot functionality for systemd (bug #8729).
+- Fix duplicated accelerators.
+- Use the async spawn function of glib.
+- Store the watch function id to avoid possible double free (bug #9709).
+- Translation updates: Amharic, Arabic, Asturian, Azerbaijani,
+ Belarusian, Bulgarian, Bengali, Bengali (India), Catalan (Valencian),
+ Czech, Danish, German, Dzongkha, Greek, English (Australia), English
+ (United Kingdom), Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Persian, Finnish,
+ French, Galician, Gujarati, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian,
+ Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Georgian, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian,
+ Latvian, Macedonian, Marathi, Malay, Norwegian Bokmal, Dutch
+ (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Occitan (post 1500), Polish,
+ Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak,
+ Albanian, Serbian, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Uyghur, Ukrainian,
+ Urdu, Urdu (Pakistan), Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese
+ (Taiwan).
+- Remove remaining code to shutdown gconf.
+- Skip gpg/ssh-agent if GNOME compat is enabled and gnome-keyring found.
+- Replace mkdirhier with mkdir (bug #8776).
+- Translation updates: Spanish (Castilian), Galician, Japanese,
+ Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese (China), Chinese
+ (Taiwan).
+- Make the buttons sensitive when using sudo (bug #8708).
+- Restore ssh and gpg agent starting (bug #7018).
+- Translation updates: Czech, German, English (United Kingdom),
+ Spanish (Castilian), Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean,
+ Dutch (Flemish), Polish, Russian.
+- Fix return value of CanSuspend and CanHibernate.
+- Make common no-reply error more subtile.
+- Bump package dependency versions.
+- Remove deprecated or unused code from xinit.
+- Use macro to search for sed.
+- Fallback to old method for shutdown (bug #8630).
+- Improve xflock4 script (bug #3770).
+- Drop the sync code because it can segfault on ext2 (bug #7887).
+- Always escape name and comment in dialog.
+- Translation updates: Catalan (Valencian), Danish, German, Greek,
+ Basque, Finnish, French, Galician, Croatian, Italian, Japanese,
+ Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk,
+ Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Slovak, Turkish,
+ Ukrainian, Chinese (China).
+- Add accelerators to logout dialog buttons (bug #6982).
+- Add support for starting assistive technologies.
+- Remove optional dependency for gconf.
+- Remove Xfce4-tips.
+- Remove early xfsettingsd autostart and add it to the session.
+- Fix crash if save timeout for a client is triggered (bug #7320).
+- Add a way to delete sessions (Bug #5730).
+- Drop usage of G_CONST_RETURN macro.
+- Add Xft.xrdb, startxfce4, xinit, xfce.desktop and xflock4
+ files from xfce-utils.
+- Explicitly link to libm where needed (bug #7953).
+- Remove the xfce4-panel logout menu plugin.
+- Don't try to remove the $HOME directory (bug #8154).
+- Remove manual and link to
+- Show dialog in settings category.
+- Link to gmodule (bug #8340).
+- Improve fadeout code with compositing enabled.
+- Start screensaver with autostart.
+- Support the TryExec key for autostart in the settings dialog.
+- Rework the logout dialog code.
+- Cleanup the power management code.
+- Let xfce4-session handle the dbus-launch checking.
+- Add support for launching xfce4-session in consolekit.
+- Add --with-ck-launch support to startxfce4.
+- Add option to lock the screen on suspend/hibernate.
+- Remove unused icons.
+- Show all applications in autostart (bug #8014).
+- Drop gpg-agent and ssh-agent handling.
+- Translation updates: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan (Valencian), Czech,
+ Danish, German, Greek, Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Finnish, French,
+ Galician, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian,
+ Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk,
+ Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian,
+ Slovak, Swedish, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (China), Chinese
+ (Taiwan).
+4.8.2 (not released yet)
+- Fix crash if save timeout for a client is triggered (bug #7320).
+- Fix configuration location in manpage (bug #7371).
+- Add missing license information (bug #7240).
+- Fix --fast CLI option when used with another option (bug #7197).
+- Fix error pop up when clicking session menu item (bug #7123).
+- Don't fallback to "system" icon in the logout dialog (bug #7196).
+- Update FSF address in copyright headers.
+- Updated translations: French, Swedish, Russian, Turkish.
+- Add main category to desktop file.
+- Updated translations: Polish, Romanian, French, Arabic.
+- Fix missing include.
+- Do not register to menu else the panel never hides (bug #7020).
+- Fix xfce4-session-logout --halt and --reboot (bug #5032).
+- Translation updates (nb, cs, en_GB, sv, hr, pt).
+- Do not try "unix-session" authorization with PolicyKit as this
+ seems to be either broken or not implemented in PolicyKit (bug #6817).
+ This fixes suspend/hibernate in xfce4-session-logout.
+- Fix possibly shadowed variables.
+- Fix compilation on FreeBSD with polkit (bug #6870).
+- Restore splash screen functionality (bug #6831).
+- Fix logout with sudo.
+- Translation updates (de, pt_BR, zh_CN, el, uk, it, id, ja, kk, pt).
+- Add support for new gnome-keyring (bugs #5912, #5137 and #6073).
+- Fix typo in xflock4 error message.
+- Don't use consolekit when it's not enabled.
+- Remove consolekit session creation in xfce4-session.
+- Use cairo to draw the fadeout.
+- Remove obsolote gtk_tooltip_* calls and other < gtk 2.14 code.
+- Fix the check for legacy sm.
+- Fix configure build options.
+- Print build config after running configure.
+- Various code cleanups.
+- Translation updates (it, ug, gl, zh_TW, de, ru, ja, sv, fi, kk,
+ pt, da, ca, eu, hu).
+- Query HAL to be sure suspend and hibernate are supported. If not,
+ don't even show the buttons (bug #4952).
+- Allow xfce4-tips to work when 'fortune' is not installed (bug #2871).
+- Allow clients to set arbitrary custom SM properties.
+- Support _GSM_DesktopFile and use it in the settings dialog to display
+ an icon and localized app name if available.
+- Add timing information to verbose.
+- Allow xfce4-tips to work properly without 'fortune' installed (bug #2871).
+- Add org.freedesktop.PowerManagement support for logout actions.
+- Add panel plugin that lists shutdown/logout actions.
+- Huge refactoring of how SM properties are handled.
+- Display richer information if the SM knows the client's .desktop file.
+- If it looks like the helper got killed, just return success (bug #4849).
+- Fix crash when properties are freed in failure handler (bug #5797).
+- Port code to libxfce4ui and drop deprecated Gtk code.
+- Fix error when running --help or --version (bug #6169).
+- Fix changing the restart style (bug #5768).
+- Add some additional checks for bug #5233.
+- Allow slashes in the application name (bug #3995).
+- Handle OnlyShowIn GNOME or KDE when compat is set.
+- Don't save settings dialogs when saving session (Bug #5113).
+- A lot of compiler warnings got fixed and build improvements.
+- Use ConsoleKit for shutdown and restart.
+- Use Upower for suspend and hibernate.
+- Use gtk_init_with_args in xfce4-session-logout.
+- Add a desktop file for xfce4-session-logout.
+- Don't write the deprecated encoding key to desktop files.
+- Remove deprecated encoding key from desktop files.
+- Move $libexecdir files to $libdir.
+- Move splash engines to $lidir/xfce4/session/splash-engines.
+- Generate documentation during dist check.
+- Translation updates (gl, ro, lv, it, ur_PK, zh_CN, hu, ast, da, po,
+ ja, kk, eu, ca, cs, el, ru, sk, es, tr, lv, sq, fi, pt_BR, de, uk,
+ bn, zh_TW).
+- Fix crash in settings dialog when a .desktop file with a missing
+ Application key is opened (bug 5020).
+- Ensure networked session handling over TCP is disabled by
+ default (bug 5126).
+- Respect the ICEAUTHORITY env var (bug 4369).
+- Fix sudo shutdown helper for systems without HAL (bug 4849).
+- Avoid a spurious error dialog when using the sudo shutdown helper
+ to shut down the system (bug 4849).
+- Fix crash in autostart editor when adding a new app (bug 4934).
+- Translation updates: el, eu, gl, hu, id, it, pl, ru, tr
+ (Xfce 4.6rc1)
+- Translation updates: cs, da, fr, nb_NO, pt_BR, sv, zh_CN.
+4.5.93 (Xfce 4.6beta3)
+- Don't let autostart get run twice when using the failsafe session
+ (bug 4486).
+- Display username in logout dialog (bug 3083).
+- Ignore DBUS_GERROR_NO_REPLY errors on suspend/hibernate (bug 4629).
+- Use xfce_message_dialog() instead of xfce_err() for the Balou config
+ dialog.
+- Check for the existence of pwd.h and getpwuid().
+- Display the currently logged-in user in the shutdown dialog.
+- Properly signal that startup is complete when using the failsafe
+ session.
+- Translation updates: ca, cs, de, es, eu, fi, fr, hu, id, ja, nb_BO,
+ pt_BR, sq, sv, uk, tr.
+4.5.92 (Xfce 4.6beta2)
+- Hook up Help button in settings dialog.
+- Implement support for the RestartImmediately restart style hint.
+- Fix possible crash with uninitialised GError (bug 4202).
+- Link libxfsm against all required libs to avoid link-time errors
+ (bug 4429).
+- Make splash engines store their settings in Xfconf.
+- Handle the ProcessID SM property properly.
+- Add a session editor to the settings dialog.
+- Fix compilation on some Linux systems with a broken linux/ioprio.h
+ header (bug 4515).
+- Fix a possible crash on amd64 (bug 4510).
+- Add support for suspend and hibernate via HAL. Initial patch from
+ Michael Casadevall (bug 2672).
+- When restoring clients on startup, be sure to set their current
+ working directory if the cwd was set as a part of their saved state.
+- Add SaveSession kiosk capability (bug 2998).
+- When a client requests interaction, don't continue to kill all other
+ clients while it's still interacting. And then don't ignore it when
+ it wants to cancel shutdown. Also fixes a similar problem when
+ interaction is requested during a phase 2 save-yourself (bug 4284).
+4.5.91 (Xfce 4.6beta1)
+- Start up session in parallel to greatly shorten startup time (bug 4312).
+- Add a D-Bus interface for some limited amount of remote control.
+- Implement support for the ShutdownCommand SM property when a
+ client has RestartAnyway set as its restart style hint.
+- Implement support for the RestartNever restart style hint.
+- sync() disks early in the shutdown process if on Linux and
+ ioprio_set() is available (bug 4313). Otherwise sync() right before
+ quit as before (bug 4313).
+- Check for a running gnome-keyring instance before launching
+ a new one (bug 3007).
+- Convert most of xfce4-session to use Xfconf. Splash settings are still
+ stored in the xfce4-splash.rc file. The xfce4-session.rc file is no longer
+ used, however.
+4.5.90 (Xfce 4.6alpha)
+- Modified settings-dialogs to work with the new settings-manager
+- Fix compile-issues with -Wall -Werror in mice theme-engine and settings-dialogs
+- Let xfce4-session start xfsettingsd automatically
+- Remove dependency on deprecated NETK
+- Translations: am, ar, az, be, bn_IN, ca, cs, da, de, dz, el,
+ en_GB, eo, es_MX, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fr, gl, gu, he, hi, hu,
+ id, it, ja, ka, ko, lt, lv, mk, mr, ms, nb_NO, nl, pa, pl,
+ pt_BR, pt_PT, ro, ru, si, sk, sq, sv, ta, tr, uk, ur, vi, zh_CN, zh_TW
+- Improve the logout dialog (Bug #2653).
+- Fix poweroff on DragonFly BSD (Bug #2567).
+- Use Xrender to fadeout the background if cairo is available.
+- Updated translations: Carles Muñoz Gorriz (ca), Fabian Nowak (de),
+ Rudy Godoy (es), Maximilian Schleiss (fr), Andrey
+ Fedoseev (ru)
+- New translations: Josip Dzolonga (mk)
+- Remove references to xftaskbar4 and xfce4-iconbox and rename xffm to Thunar
+ for the Tips'n'Tricks displayed on startup (#1332).
+- Be sure to start Thunar prior to xfdesktop on first login to avoid the trash
+ error from xfdesktop if the session bus is not configured properly (#2447).
+- Applications that fail to startup on login do no longer time out, but are
+ dropped immediately from the session, which results in faster startup in
+ that case.
+- Merge the sudo and the HAL shutdown helpers into a single shutdown helper,
+ which tries to use HAL first, and falls back to sudo.
+- Drop GLib 2.2.x compatibility code.
+- Updated translations: Pau Rul-lan Ferragut (ca), Sylvain Vedrenne (eo),
+ ByungHyun Choi (ko), Phan Vĩnh Thịnh (vi)
+- New translations: Sonam Rinchen (dz)
+- Add support for HAL to shutdown/reboot the computer. Must be enabled
+ explicitly using --with-shutdown-style=hal to configure (Bug #2046).
+- Do not try to save the xfce4-tips as part of the session (Bug #1089).
+- Add shutdown/reboot support for Solaris (Bug #2230, Moinak Ghosh).
+- Drop libgnome dependency for assistive technologies support.
+- Update dialogs to use the new XfceTitledDialog.
+- Properly handle OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn in the autostart editor.
+- Run discard command when client terminates unexpectedly.
+- Use the new standard location ($XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/autostart/) to specify
+ applications that will be automatically start on session login. Autostart
+ items from the previous location (~/Desktop/Autostart/) will be migrated
+ automatically on first run of the new session manager.
+- The list of autostarted applications can now be altered using a simple
+ editor application (xfce4-autostart-editor).
+- The xfce4-tips tool is now part of xfce4-session and well integrated with
+ the new autostart mechanism.