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+dnl This file was autogenerated from "".
+dnl Edit that file instead!
+dnl Copyright (c) 2003-2019
+dnl The Xfce development team. All rights reserved.
+dnl Written for Xfce by Benedikt Meurer <>.
+dnl Version information
+m4_define([xfsm_version_major], [4])
+m4_define([xfsm_version_minor], [16])
+m4_define([xfsm_version_micro], [0])
+m4_define([xfsm_version_nano], []) dnl leave this empty to have no nano version
+m4_define([xfsm_version_build], [939ce5ae])
+m4_define([xfsm_version_tag], [])
+m4_define([xfsm_version], [xfsm_version_major().xfsm_version_minor().xfsm_version_micro()ifelse(xfsm_version_nano(), [], [], [.xfsm_version_nano()])ifelse(xfsm_version_tag(), [git], [xfsm_version_tag()-xfsm_version_build()], [xfsm_version_tag()])])
+m4_define([xfsm_debug_default], [ifelse(xfsm_version_tag(), [git], [yes], [minimum])])
+m4_define([intltool_minimum_version], [0.35])
+dnl Initialize autoconf
+AC_COPYRIGHT([Copyright (c) 2003-2019
+ The Xfce development team. All rights reserved.
+Written for Xfce by Benedikt Meurer <>.])
+AC_INIT([xfce4-session], [xfsm_version], [])
+dnl Initialize automake
+AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.11 dist-bzip2 tar-ustar no-dist-gzip foreign])
+dnl Set helper path prefix
+ [AC_HELP_STRING([--with-helper-path-prefix=PATH],
+ [Path prefix under which helper executables will be installed (default: $libdir)])],
+ [HELPER_PATH_PREFIX="$withval"],
+ [HELPER_PATH_PREFIX="$libdir"])
+dnl check for UNIX variants
+AM_CONDITIONAL([HAVE_OS_CYGWIN], [test x"`uname | grep \"CYGWIN\"`" != x""])
+if test x"`uname | grep \"CYGWIN\"`" != x""; then
+ AC_DEFINE([HAVE_OS_CYGWIN], [1], [Compiling under cygwin])
+dnl check for basic programs
+IT_PROG_INTLTOOL([intltool_minimum_version], [no-xml])
+m4_ifdef([AC_PROG_SED], [AC_PROG_SED], [AC_CHECK_PROG(SED, sed, sed)])
+dnl check for libtool
+dnl check for standard header files
+AC_CHECK_HEADERS([errno.h fcntl.h \
+ netdb.h signal.h stdarg.h sys/resource.h \
+ sys/socket.h sys/time.h sys/wait.h sys/utsname.h time.h \
+ unistd.h math.h sys/types.h])
+AC_CHECK_FUNCS([getaddrinfo gethostbyname gethostname setsid strdup])
+# Checks for typedefs, structures, and compiler characteristics.
+# Checks for library functions.
+dnl Check for required libraries
+dnl Check for X11 installed
+dnl Check for session management support
+dnl Check for _IceTransNoListen
+dnl Check for i18n support
+XDT_I18N([eo en_GB ca zh_CN nb tr en_CA en_AU fr eu gl be zh_TW th sr fi pl ast it he et pt_BR de sl pa zh_HK nl hy_AM hi ja hu nn si ar ko es kk ur sk am te hr sq pt cs is be@tarask uk hye bn ur_PK id vi da ug lv el sv ru ie lt ms ro bg oc ])
+dnl Check for required packages
+XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([LIBXFCE4UTIL], [libxfce4util-1.0], [4.15.2])
+XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([LIBXFCE4UI], [libxfce4ui-2], [4.15.1])
+XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([GTK], [gtk+-3.0], [3.22.0])
+XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([GIO], [gio-2.0], [2.50.0])
+XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([GMODULE], [gmodule-2.0], [2.50.0])
+XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([LIBWNCK], [libwnck-3.0], [3.10])
+XDT_CHECK_PACKAGE([XFCONF], [libxfconf-0], [4.12.0])
+dnl Check for Polkit/PolicyKit
+XDT_CHECK_OPTIONAL_PACKAGE([POLKIT], [polkit-gobject-1], [0.102],
+ [polkit], [Polkit support])
+AC_DEFINE(GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED, GLIB_VERSION_2_50, [Ignore post 2.50 deprecations])
+AC_DEFINE(GDK_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED, GDK_VERSION_3_20, [Ignore post 3.20 deprecations])
+dnl Check for debugging support
+dnl Check for linker optimizations
+dnl Check for iceauth
+AC_PATH_PROG([ICEAUTH], [iceauth])
+if test x"$ICEAUTH" != x""; then
+ AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED([ICEAUTH_CMD], ["$ICEAUTH"], [path to iceauth])
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([iceauth missing, please check your X11 installation])
+dnl Find a location for the session desktop file
+AC_MSG_CHECKING([what xsession-prefix to use])
+ AC_HELP_STRING([--with-xsession-prefix=XSESSION_PREFIX], [What should be the prefix for the xsession .desktop file?]),
+ [], [with_xsession_prefix="/usr"])
+dnl Check for legacy session management
+AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-legacy-sm], [Enable X11R5 session management])
+AC_HELP_STRING([--disable-legacy-sm], [Disable X11R5 session management]),
+ [], [enable_legacy_sm=yes])
+AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to enable X11R5 session management])
+if test x"$enable_legacy_sm" != x"yes"; then
+ AC_DEFINE([LEGACY_SESSION_MANAGEMENT], [1], [Define for X11R5 sm compat])
+ AC_MSG_RESULT([yes])
+dnl Compile time default choice of backend
+ AS_HELP_STRING([--with-backend=<option>],
+ [Default backend to use linux, freebsd, openbsd]))
+# default to a sane option
+if test x$with_backend = x; then
+ AS_CASE([$host],
+ [*-linux*], [with_backend=linux],
+ [*-*freebsd*], [with_backend=freebsd],
+ [*-*dragonfly*], [with_backend=freebsd],
+ [*-openbsd*], [with_backend=openbsd])
+AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(BACKEND, "$with_backend", [backend])
+AC_SUBST(BACKEND, "$with_backend")
+if test x$with_backend = xlinux; then
+ AC_DEFINE(BACKEND_TYPE_LINUX, 1, [Linux suspend/hibernate/hybrid-sleep backend])
+if test x$with_backend = xfreebsd; then
+ AC_DEFINE(BACKEND_TYPE_FREEBSD, 1, [FreeBSD suspend/hibernate backend])
+if test x$with_backend = xopenbsd; then
+ AC_DEFINE(BACKEND_TYPE_OPENBSD, 1, [OpenBSD suspend/hibernate backend])
+dnl ***************************
+dnl *** Print configuration ***
+dnl ***************************
+echo "Build Configuration:"
+echo " * Debugging support: $enable_debug"
+if test x"$POLKIT_FOUND" = x"yes"; then
+echo " * Polkit/PolicyKit support: yes"
+echo " * Polkit/PolicyKit support: no"
+if test x"$enable_legacy_sm" = x"yes"; then
+echo " * Legacy session management: yes"
+echo " * Legacy session management: no"
+echo " * Backend: ${with_backend}"