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+# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
+# Translators:
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Xfce4-session\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2020-04-01 00:31+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2020-03-31 22:31+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: Xfce Bot <>\n"
+"Language-Team: Interlingue (\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: ie\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
+#: ../
+msgid "Xfce Session"
+msgstr "Session Xfce"
+#: ../
+msgid "Use this session to run Xfce as your desktop environment"
+msgstr "Usa ti-ci session por lansar Xfce quam vor ambientie"
+#: ../libxfsm/xfsm-util.c:331
+msgid "Session"
+msgstr "Session"
+#: ../libxfsm/xfsm-util.c:342
+msgid "Last accessed"
+msgstr "Ultim accesse"
+#: ../scripts/
+msgid "Screensaver"
+msgstr "Garda-ecran"
+#: ../scripts/
+msgid "Launch screensaver and locker program"
+msgstr "Lansar garda-ecran e serrure del ecran"
+#: ../settings/main.c:99
+msgid "Settings manager socket"
+msgstr "Socket del gerente de parametres"
+#: ../settings/main.c:99
+msgid "SOCKET ID"
+msgstr "ID DE SOCKET"
+#: ../settings/main.c:100
+msgid "Version information"
+msgstr "Information del version"
+#: ../settings/main.c:111 ../xfce4-session/main.c:333
+#, c-format
+msgid "Type '%s --help' for usage."
+msgstr "Tippa '%s --help' por li usage."
+#: ../settings/main.c:123 ../xfce4-session/main.c:343
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:146
+msgid "The Xfce development team. All rights reserved."
+msgstr "The Xfce development team. All rights reserved."
+#: ../settings/main.c:124 ../xfce4-session/main.c:344
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:149
+#, c-format
+msgid "Please report bugs to <%s>."
+msgstr "Ples raportar errores a <%s>."
+#: ../settings/main.c:133 ../xfce4-session/main.c:352
+msgid "Unable to contact settings server"
+msgstr "Ne successat comunicar con li servitore de parametres"
+#: ../settings/main.c:152
+msgid "Unable to create user interface from embedded definition data"
+msgstr "Ne successat crear li interfacie de usator ex li inbedat definition"
+#: ../settings/main.c:165
+msgid "App_lication Autostart"
+msgstr "Auto-_lansament"
+#: ../settings/main.c:171
+msgid "Currently active session:"
+msgstr "Activ session:"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:63
+msgid "If running"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:64
+msgid "Always"
+msgstr "Sempre"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:65
+msgid "Immediately"
+msgstr "Ínmediatmen"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:66
+msgid "Never"
+msgstr "Nequande"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:138
+msgid "Session Save Error"
+msgstr "Errore de gardation del session"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:139
+msgid "Unable to save the session"
+msgstr "Ne successat gardar li session"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:141 ../settings/session-editor.c:313
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:1281
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:3
+msgid "_Close"
+msgstr "_Cluder"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:198
+msgid "Clear sessions"
+msgstr "Efaciar sessiones"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:199
+msgid "Are you sure you want to empty the session cache?"
+msgstr "Esque vu vole vacuar li cache de session?"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:200
+msgid ""
+"The saved states of your applications will not be restored during your next "
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:201 ../settings/session-editor.c:288
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:77 ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:682
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:221
+msgid "_Cancel"
+msgstr "A_nullar"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:202
+msgid "_Proceed"
+msgstr "_Continuar"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:240
+#, c-format
+msgid "You might need to delete some files manually in \"%s\"."
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:243
+msgid "All Xfce cache files could not be cleared"
+msgstr "Ne successat vacuar omni caches de Xfce"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:282
+#, c-format
+msgid "Are you sure you want to terminate \"%s\"?"
+msgstr "Esque vu vole terminar «%s»?"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:285 ../settings/session-editor.c:310
+msgid "Terminate Program"
+msgstr "Terminar li programma"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:287
+msgid ""
+"The application will lose any unsaved state and will not be restarted in "
+"your next session."
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:289 ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:19
+msgid "_Quit Program"
+msgstr "S_urtir li programma"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:311
+msgid "Unable to terminate program."
+msgstr "Ne posset terminar li programma."
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:536
+msgid "(Unknown program)"
+msgstr "(Ínconosset programma)"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:768
+msgid "Priority"
+msgstr "Prioritá"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:776
+msgid "PID"
+msgstr "PID"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:782 ../settings/xfae-window.c:172
+msgid "Program"
+msgstr "Programma"
+#: ../settings/session-editor.c:807
+msgid "Restart Style"
+msgstr "Stil de restarta"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:78 ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:684
+msgid "_OK"
+msgstr "_OK"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:82 ../settings/xfae-window.c:220
+msgid "Add application"
+msgstr "Adjunter un application"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:96
+msgid "Name:"
+msgstr "Nómine:"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:111
+msgid "Description:"
+msgstr "Descrition:"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:125 ../settings/xfae-model.c:548
+msgid "Command:"
+msgstr "Comande:"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:138
+msgid "Trigger:"
+msgstr "Invocar:"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:209
+msgid "Select a command"
+msgstr "Selecte un comande"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:212
+msgid "Cancel"
+msgstr "Anullar"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:213
+msgid "OK"
+msgstr "OK"
+#: ../settings/xfae-dialog.c:260 ../settings/xfae-window.c:242
+msgid "Edit application"
+msgstr "Modificar li application"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:87
+msgid "on login"
+msgstr "apertente un session"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:88
+msgid "on logout"
+msgstr "cludente un session"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:89
+msgid "on shutdown"
+msgstr "extintente"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:90
+msgid "on restart"
+msgstr "restartante"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:91
+msgid "on suspend"
+msgstr "suspendente"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:92
+msgid "on hibernate"
+msgstr "hivernante"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:93
+msgid "on hybrid sleep"
+msgstr "pos somnie hibrid"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:94
+msgid "on switch user"
+msgstr "cambiante li usator"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:304 ../settings/xfae-model.c:972
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:1030
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to open %s for writing"
+msgstr "Ne successat aperter %s por scrition"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:681
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to unlink %s: %s"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:772
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to create file %s"
+msgstr "Ne successat crear li file %s"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:796
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to write file %s"
+msgstr "Ne successat scrir li file %s"
+#: ../settings/xfae-model.c:856
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to open %s for reading"
+msgstr "Ne successat aperter %s por letion"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:98
+msgid "Failed to set run hook"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:193
+msgid "Trigger"
+msgstr "Invocar"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:229
+msgid "Remove application"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:306
+msgid "Add"
+msgstr "Adjunter"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:312
+msgid "Remove"
+msgstr "Remover"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:366
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed adding \"%s\""
+msgstr "Ne successat adjunter «%s»"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:397 ../settings/xfae-window.c:411
+msgid "Failed to remove item"
+msgstr "Ne successat remover un element"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:440
+msgid "Failed to edit item"
+msgstr "Ne successat modificar li element"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:460
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to edit item \"%s\""
+msgstr "Ne successat modificar li element «%s»"
+#: ../settings/xfae-window.c:488
+msgid "Failed to toggle item"
+msgstr "Ne successat (de)marcar un element"
+#: ../xfce4-session/main.c:77
+msgid "Disable binding to TCP ports"
+msgstr "Ne ligar a portus TCP"
+#: ../xfce4-session/main.c:78 ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:102
+msgid "Print version information and exit"
+msgstr "Monstrar li information del version, poy surtir"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:147
+msgid "Session Manager"
+msgstr "Gerente de session"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:168
+msgid ""
+"Choose the session you want to restore. You can simply double-click the "
+"session name to restore it."
+msgstr "Selecte li session que vu vole restituer. Un duplic clic sur su nómine anc va restituer it."
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:184
+msgid "Create a new session."
+msgstr "Crear un nov session."
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:191
+msgid "Delete a saved session."
+msgstr "Deleter un gardat session."
+#. "Logout" button
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:202
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/
+msgid "Log Out"
+msgstr "Cluder li session"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:204
+msgid "Cancel the login attempt and return to the login screen."
+msgstr "Anullar li apertion de session e retroear al ecran de inicie."
+#. "Start" button
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:211
+msgid "Start"
+msgstr "Lansar"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-chooser.c:212
+msgid "Start an existing session."
+msgstr "Aperter un existent session."
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-dns.c:78
+msgid "(Unknown)"
+msgstr "(Ínconosset)"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-dns.c:152
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"Could not look up internet address for %s.\n"
+"This will prevent Xfce from operating correctly.\n"
+"It may be possible to correct the problem by adding\n"
+"%s to the file /etc/hosts on your system."
+msgstr "Ne successat trovar li adresse internet por %s.\nXfce ne va operar correctmen. On posse\ncorrecter to per adjuntion de %s al vor file /etc/hosts."
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-dns.c:159
+msgid "Continue anyway"
+msgstr "Continuar sin egarda"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-dns.c:160
+msgid "Try again"
+msgstr "Repenar denov"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:566
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"Unable to determine failsafe session name. Possible causes: xfconfd isn't "
+"running (D-Bus setup problem); environment variable $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS is set "
+"incorrectly (must include \"%s\"), or xfce4-session is installed "
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:577
+#, c-format
+msgid ""
+"The specified failsafe session (\"%s\") is not marked as a failsafe session."
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:610
+msgid "The list of applications in the failsafe session is empty."
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:696
+msgid "Name for the new session"
+msgstr "Nómine del nov session"
+#. FIXME: migrate this into the splash screen somehow so the
+#. * window doesn't look ugly (right now no WM is running, so it
+#. * won't have window decorations).
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:774
+msgid "Session Manager Error"
+msgstr "Errore del gerente de session"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:776
+msgid "Unable to load a failsafe session"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:778
+msgid "_Quit"
+msgstr "S_urtir"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:1271
+msgid "Shutdown Failed"
+msgstr "Extintion ne successat"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:1274
+msgid "Failed to suspend session"
+msgstr "Ne posset suspender li session"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:1276
+msgid "Failed to hibernate session"
+msgstr "Ne successat hivernar li session"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:1278
+msgid "Failed to hybrid sleep session"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:1279
+msgid "Failed to switch user"
+msgstr "Ne successar cambiar li usator"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:1585
+#, c-format
+msgid "Can only terminate clients when in the idle state"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:2247
+msgid "Session manager must be in idle state when requesting a checkpoint"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:2317 ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:2337
+msgid "Session manager must be in idle state when requesting a shutdown"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-manager.c:2382
+msgid "Session manager must be in idle state when requesting a restart"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:193
+#, c-format
+msgid "Log out %s"
+msgstr "Cluder li session de %s"
+#. *
+#. * Logout
+#. *
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:238
+msgid "_Log Out"
+msgstr "C_luder li session"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:258
+msgid "_Restart"
+msgstr "_Restartar"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:278
+msgid "Shut _Down"
+msgstr "E_xtinter"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:302
+msgid "Sus_pend"
+msgstr "Sus_pender"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:336
+msgid "_Hibernate"
+msgstr "_Hivernar"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:367
+msgid "H_ybrid Sleep"
+msgstr "Somn_ie hibrid"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:398
+msgid "Switch _User"
+msgstr "Cambiar li _usator"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:423
+msgid "_Save session for future logins"
+msgstr "_Gardar session por usar it in li futuri"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-logout-dialog.c:451
+msgid "An error occurred"
+msgstr "Un errore evenit"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-shutdown.c:162
+msgid "Shutdown is blocked by the kiosk settings"
+msgstr "Extinction blocat per parametres del kiosk"
+#: ../xfce4-session/xfsm-shutdown.c:219
+#, c-format
+msgid "Unknown shutdown method %d"
+msgstr "Ínconosset metode de extintion %d"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:70
+msgid "Log out without displaying the logout dialog"
+msgstr "Cluder li session sin monstrar li dialog de clusion"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:74
+msgid "Halt without displaying the logout dialog"
+msgstr "Haltar sin monstrar li dialog de clusion"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:78
+msgid "Reboot without displaying the logout dialog"
+msgstr "Reiniciar sin monstrar li dialog de clusion"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:82
+msgid "Suspend without displaying the logout dialog"
+msgstr "Suspender sin monstrar li dialog de clusion"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:86
+msgid "Hibernate without displaying the logout dialog"
+msgstr "Hivernar sin monstrar li dialog de clusion"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:90
+msgid "Hybrid Sleep without displaying the logout dialog"
+msgstr ""
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:94
+msgid "Switch user without displaying the logout dialog"
+msgstr "Cambiar li usator sin monstrar li dialog de clusion"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:98
+msgid "Log out quickly; don't save the session"
+msgstr "Cluder li session sin gardation"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:121
+msgid "Unknown error"
+msgstr "Ínconosset errore"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:147
+msgid "Written by Benedikt Meurer <>"
+msgstr "Scrit per Benedikt Meurer <>."
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:148
+msgid "and Brian Tarricone <>."
+msgstr "e Brian Tarricone <>."
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:168 ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:279
+msgid "Received error while trying to log out"
+msgstr "Un error evenit cludente li session"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/main.c:244
+#, c-format
+msgid "Received error while trying to log out, error was %s"
+msgstr "Un error evenit cludente li session, it esset %s"
+#: ../xfce4-session-logout/
+msgid "Log out of the Xfce Desktop"
+msgstr "Cluder li session de Xfce"
+#: ../settings/
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:1
+msgid "Session and Startup"
+msgstr "Session e initiament"
+#: ../settings/
+msgid "Customize desktop startup"
+msgstr "Personalisar li inicie del ambientie"
+#: ../settings/
+msgid ""
+"session;settings;preferences;manager;startup;login;logout;shutdown;lock "
+msgstr ""
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:2
+msgid "_Help"
+msgstr "Au_xilie"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:4
+msgid "_Display chooser on login"
+msgstr "Monstrar li select_or al inicie"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:5
+msgid "Display the session chooser every time Xfce starts"
+msgstr "Monstrar li selector de session chascun vez que Xfce lansa"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:6
+msgid "<b>Session Chooser</b>"
+msgstr "<b>Selector de session</b>"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:7
+msgid "Automatically save session on logo_ut"
+msgstr "Automaticmen _gardar li session ante que cluder"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:8
+msgid "Always save the session when logging out"
+msgstr "Sempre gardar li session ante que cluder it"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:9
+msgid "Pro_mpt on logout"
+msgstr "Confir_mar clusura del session"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:10
+msgid "Prompt for confirmation when logging out"
+msgstr "Confirmar ante que cluder li session"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:11
+msgid "<b>Logout Settings</b>"
+msgstr "<b>Cluder session</b>"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:12
+msgid "Lock screen be_fore sleep"
+msgstr "Serrar li ecran _ante que somniar"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:13
+msgid "Run xflock4 before suspending or hibernating the system"
+msgstr "Lansar xflock4 ante que suspender o hivernar li sistema"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:14
+msgid "<b>Shutdown</b>"
+msgstr "<b>Extintion</b>"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:15
+msgid "_General"
+msgstr "_General"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:16
+msgid "Currently active session: <b>Default</b>"
+msgstr "Currently active session: <b>Default</b>"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:17
+msgid "Save Sess_ion"
+msgstr "Gardar li sess_ion"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:18
+msgid ""
+"These applications are a part of the currently-running session, and can be "
+"saved now or when you log out. Changes below will only take effect when the"
+" session is saved."
+msgstr "Ti-ci applicationes es un parte del actual session, e ili posse esser gardat nu o quande li session es cludet. Li modificationes va esser applicat pos que li session es gardat."
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:20
+msgid "Current Sessio_n"
+msgstr "Actual sessio_n"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:21
+msgid "Delete the selected session"
+msgstr "Deleter li selectet session"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:22
+msgid "Clear Save_d Sessions"
+msgstr "Efaciar gar_dat sessiones"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:23
+msgid "Saved _Sessions"
+msgstr "Gardat _sessiones"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:24
+msgid "Launch GN_OME services on startup"
+msgstr "Startar servicies de GN_OME al inicie"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:25
+msgid "Start GNOME services, such as gnome-keyring"
+msgstr "Startar servicies de GNOME, tal quam gnome-keyring"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:26
+msgid "Launch _KDE services on startup"
+msgstr "Startar servicies de _KDE al inicie"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:27
+msgid "Start KDE services, such as kdeinit"
+msgstr "Startar servicies de KDE, tal quam kdeinit"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:28
+msgid "<b>Compatibility</b>"
+msgstr "<b>Compatibilitá</b>"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:29
+msgid "Manage _remote applications"
+msgstr "Controlar _lontan applicationes"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:30
+msgid ""
+"Manage remote applications over the network (this may be a security risk)"
+msgstr "Controlar lontan applicationes trans li rete (crea un risca por securitá)"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:31
+msgid "<b>Security</b>"
+msgstr "<b>Securitá</b>"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:32
+msgid "Ad_vanced"
+msgstr "A_vancate"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:33
+msgid "Saving Session"
+msgstr "Gardante session"
+#: ../settings/xfce4-session-settings.ui.h:34
+msgid ""
+"Your session is being saved. If you do not wish to wait, you may close this"
+" window."
+msgstr "Vor session ea gardat. Si vu ne vole atender, clude ti-ci fenestre."