BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertty1-autologin: don't hard code my usernameSean Whitton7 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daystty1-autologin: don't hard code my usernameHEADmasterSean Whitton
7 daystty1-autologin: don't pass -p to agetty(8) unless we will exec swaySean Whitton
7 daysstartw: tidy up setting & exporting environment variablesSean Whitton
7 daysstartw: specify variables to import to the systemd user instanceSean Whitton
9 daysinstall libfile-libmagic-perl on desktopsSean Whitton
10 daysdrop duplicate application of APT:USES-LOCAL-CACHER to meleteSean Whitton
10 daysinstall apt-cacher-ng from bullseye-backportsSean Whitton
10 daysdevelacc-provisioned: improve notes on reprovisioningSean Whitton
10 daysadd basic Nagios monitoring of leto and rheaSean Whitton
10 daysattempt to move secondary MX and DNS onto leto and rhea respectivelySean Whitton