Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Git[no description]
athena-apt apt repository31 hours
athwebsource code for website 5 years
bitlbee-facebookDebian packaging for bitlbee-facebook3 months
dash-haskellDebian packaging for dash-haskell4 years
debug-meDebian packaging for debug-me5 months
dgitgit interoperability with the Debian archive18 months
dotfilesSean's dotfiles 5 days
emacs[no description]
git-remote-gcryptPGP-encrypted git remotes31 hours
git-repair[no description]6 months
gnome-shell-extension-stealmyfocusDebian packaging for gnome-shell-extension-stealmyfocus4 years
grml-live[no description]
haskell-filepath-bytestring[no description]
haskell-tab-indentEmacs indentation minor mode for Haskell projects requiring tabs for indentation7 months
ifuse[no description]
keysafeDebian packaging for Keysafe11 months
libimobiledevice[no description]
lintian[no description]
mailscripts[no description]3 days
ocrmypdfDebian packaging for OCRmyPDF
org-d20[no description]4 weeks
oso2pdfbetter conversion of Oxford Scholarship Online material to PDF4 years
p5-API-GitForgegeneric interface to APIs of sites like GitHub, GitLab etc.8 months
p5-Git-AnnexPerl interface to git-annex10 months
pandoc-citeproc-preambleinsert a preamble before pandoc-citeproc's bibliography6 months
propellorDebian packaging for Propellor & Sean's configuration 6 months
sagewebsource code for website 5 years
sariulclocksbasic classroom management5 years
schoolclockpredecessor to sariulclocks5 years
sdfwebsource code for website 11 months
sremquickly set reminders for X minutes in the future5 years
sscantext UI for scanning with SANE12 months
stylish-haskellDebian packaging for stylish-haskell 6 days
unclutter-xfixes[no description]15 months
wikisource code for website 3 weeks
wikiannexbig files for website 5 months
xfce4-session[no description]
zxcvbn-cDebian packaging for libzxcvbn 2 years