athwebsource code for website 18 months
bitlbee-facebookDebian packaging for bitlbee-facebook3 months
dash-haskellDebian packaging for dash-haskell4 months
debug-meDebian packaging for debug-me5 weeks
dgitgit interoperability with the Debian archive3 days
dotfilesSean's dotfiles 2 days
git-remote-gcryptsee months
gnome-shell-extension-stealmyfocusDebian packaging for gnome-shell-extension-stealmyfocus5 months
haskell-tab-indentsee 4 months
keysafeDebian packaging for Keysafe3 months
ocrmypdfDebian packaging for OCRmyPDF
oso2pdfsee 11 months
pandoc-citeproc-preamblesee 4 months
propellorDebian packaging for Propellor & Sean's configuration 9 hours
sagewebsource code for website 20 months
sariulclockssee 19 months
schoolclockpredecessor to 19 months
sdfwebsource code for website 19 months
sremsee 19 months
sscantext UI for scanning with SANE4 months
stylish-haskellDebian packaging for stylish-haskell 4 months
wikisource code for website 12 days
wikiannexbig files for website 3 days
zxcvbn-cDebian packaging for libzxcvbn 4 days