BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
athena~spwhitton/local/pub is a symlink on athenaSean Whitton8 weeks
boreaspoint i3status at pbp's batterySean Whitton4 months
develacc-irisset _JAVA_OPTIONSSean Whitton17 months
fasolomc: layout for inspecting uploadsSean Whitton20 months
hephaestuson hephaestus, rely on xfce4-power-manager to handle dpmsSean Whitton12 months
maMetaArray perl settingsSean Whitton6 years
masterempty PGP-signed commitSean Whitton28 min.
sdfmore mutt configSean Whitton3 years
win32Merge branch 'win32' of git:// into win32Sean Whitton6 years
zephyrreview unused in dionysus on zephyrSean Whitton21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
28 min.empty PGP-signed commitHEADmasterSean Whitton
28 min.add indentation hint for ATHENET-CONTAINER-FOR.Sean Whitton
8 hoursempty PGP-signed commitSean Whitton
8 hoursrun 'update-debian-known-hosts' shell aliasSean Whitton
32 hoursadvise delete-other-windows to preserve side window stateSean Whitton
32 hourstry letting save-interprogram-paste-before-kill have its default valSean Whitton
32 hourswhitenoise script: attempt to detect whether earphones connectedSean Whitton
6 daysadd SLIME window selection advice to sldb-invoke-restart-*Sean Whitton
6 daysnotmuch C-c g o: add support for opening WSJ print edition PDFsSean Whitton
12 daysnew Fastmail SSL certSean Whitton