BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
archive/athena~spwhitton/local/pub is a symlink on athenaSean Whitton11 months
archive/develacc-irisset _JAVA_OPTIONSSean Whitton3 years
archive/erebussync from melete ~/doc on erebusSean Whitton4 months
archive/hephaestuson hephaestus, rely on xfce4-power-manager to handle dpmsSean Whitton3 years
archive/irisi3lock temp on irisSean Whitton14 months
archive/melete-for-erebuslight-on-dark from melete on erebusSean Whitton4 months
archive/sagecommit .newsrc dated Apr 21 2015Sean Whitton5 months
boreaspoint i3status at pbp's batterySean Whitton2 years
fasolomc: set safe_overwrite=falseSean Whitton14 months
masteradd sshta shell aliasSean Whitton5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysadd sshta shell aliasHEADmasterSean Whitton
5 daysadd some Debian Security Tracker scripts to eshell-visual-commandsSean Whitton
11 daysspw/gnus-notmuch-ephemeral-search: reduce default number of resultsSean Whitton
2023-09-15automatic reflowSean Whitton
2023-09-15some additional swaybar stylingSean Whitton
2023-09-15finally obtain basic swaybar traySean Whitton
2023-09-15i3/Sway: increase volume adjustment granularitySean Whitton
2023-09-15drop --refresh from QUILT_PUSH_ARGSSean Whitton
2023-08-14update Debian known_hostsSean Whitton
2023-08-01drop eval-buffer binding now we have C-c C-e upstreamSean Whitton