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imap-dl: use retriever.authentication configuration
After discussion with Sean Whitton and Robbie Harwood, I think makes more sense to have a straight "retriever.authentication" configuration setting rather than a rather odd boolean "use_kerberos". This is a divergence from getmail, but that seems OK at this point. The implementation now also makes it pretty straightforward to add new authentication mechanisms if someone wants to add them. One additional thing that would be nice would be for imap-dl to be able to dynamically choose the "best" available authentication method. Signed-off-by: Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>
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B<retriever.server> is the dns name of the mailserver.
+B<retriever.authentication> is either "basic" (the default, using the
+IMAP LOGIN verb) or "kerberos" (IMAP AUTHENTICATE with GSSAPI,
+requires the python3-gssapi module).
B<retriever.username> is the username of the IMAP account.
B<retriever.password> is the password for the IMAP account when using
-plaintext passwords.
-B<retriever.use_kerberos> (boolean) requests that Kerberos (through GSSAPI) is
-to be used instead of password-based auth. There is no need to specify
-password when using Kerberos. This requires the python3-gssapi module.
+B<retriever.authentication> is set to "basic".
B<retriever.ssl_ciphers> is an OpenSSL cipher string to use instead of the
defaults. (The defaults are good; this should be avoided except to work