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* Rebuild for athena's apt repositorydebian/0.4-1_athena1athena/busterSean Whitton2020-12-29
* Merge branch 'master' into athena/busterSean Whitton2020-12-29
| * release 0.40.4Sean Whitton2020-12-29
| * org-d20-d20: show d4 in case Bless spell is activeSean Whitton2020-11-12
| * also redraw the frameSean Whitton2020-11-08
| * implement displaying recent dice rolls in a split windowSean Whitton2020-11-07
| * changelogSean Whitton2020-11-07
| * tweak use of new page characterSean Whitton2020-11-07
| * avoid using s-blank?Sean Whitton2020-11-07
| * use nth rather than seq-elt, and use a static quoted listSean Whitton2020-11-07
| * improve readability of org-d20--rolls-bracketSean Whitton2020-11-07
| * add TODOSean Whitton2020-11-05
| * add TODOSean Whitton2020-04-16
| * loop->cl-loopSean Whitton2019-06-28
* | packaging for athena's apt repodebian/0.3-1_athena1Sean Whitton2019-04-15
* release org-d20 0.30.3Sean Whitton2019-04-15
* MELPA installation instructionsSean Whitton2019-01-31
* add MELPA badgesSean Whitton2019-01-31
* add :types to defcustomsSean Whitton2019-01-20
* loop -> cl-loopSean Whitton2019-01-20
* avoid use of ignore-errorsSean Whitton2019-01-06
* use more explicit syntax in -let*Sean Whitton2019-01-06
* factor out `org-d20--d20-plus'Sean Whitton2019-01-06
* Bug fix: make roll20's 'k' notation actually have an effectSean Whitton2019-01-06
* expand NEWS entrySean Whitton2019-01-06
* rm done TODOSean Whitton2019-01-06
* drop refactoring task from TODOSean Whitton2019-01-06
* expand NEWS entry about bug fixSean Whitton2019-01-06
* Change default keybindings to match Emacs conventionsSean Whitton2019-01-06
* standardise header some moreSean Whitton2019-01-06
* standardise commentsSean Whitton2019-01-06
* Autoload some more functions users might want to bindSean Whitton2019-01-06
* use `1-'Sean Whitton2019-01-06
* fix some overly long linesSean Whitton2019-01-06
* add commentsSean Whitton2019-01-06
* fix some function callsSean Whitton2019-01-06
* string-to-int -> string-to-numberSean Whitton2019-01-06
* defvar org-d20-roll--lastSean Whitton2019-01-06
* standardise and group defcustomsSean Whitton2019-01-06
* tidy up headerSean Whitton2019-01-06
* note refactoring in NEWSSean Whitton2019-01-06
* reorder functionsSean Whitton2019-01-06
* rename a private functionSean Whitton2019-01-06
* standardise docstrings according to checkdocSean Whitton2019-01-06
* properly quote function namesSean Whitton2019-01-06
* missing requireSean Whitton2019-01-06
* enable lexical bindingSean Whitton2019-01-06
* accept a dice expression for the number of a kind of monsterSean Whitton2019-01-05
* attempt to include a screenshotSean Whitton2019-01-05
* yet another markdown fixSean Whitton2019-01-05